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Sell Media Update: Added Infinite Price Group Functionality

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Never underestimate the power of creative people.

To make setting up the Sell Media plugin fast and simple, we intentionally put a limit on how many size and price combinations that you could add. We should have known that you guys are way too business savvy to have a cap on the way you charge your customers and clients.

So, we’ve changed this in our Sell Media plugin.

Introducing: Infinite Price Groups

Now you can set prices the way you want to. This is how it worked before:

  1. You created a collection.
  2. You could add three different prices.

Sell Media WordPress Before

This is how it works now:

  1. You create a collection.
  2. Three fields are ready for you to customize with different sizes.
  3. If you fill up those, another field will automatically appear…infinitely.

Sell Media WordPress After

Bulk Uploads

After you save your price groups, you can add your photos individually or via bulk upload. (Notice the new drop down menu on the bottom left.)

Sell Photos WordPress

Voila! No more limitations!

What about the Photo Reprints Extension?

The Photo Reprints extension will soon be updated with the same “Price Group” feature as found in the core Sell Media plugin. It was important to get this feature added to Sell Media first. Expect the Photo Reprints extension to be updated within the next month.

Your Contributions Are Critical to the Success of Sell Media

Sell Media is an open source project. What that means is anybody including you can:

  • Contribute code
  • Fix bugs
  • Build extensions
  • Test future releases
  • Participate in discussions
  • Suggest new features

Many of you have made feature requests but may not have provided enough explanation or detail for the open source crowd to take action. Take ownership of your requests, and, if possible, add some code yourself! If you can’t, please, please, please, provide detailed screenshots, thorough explanations, and detailed notes on the feature you want added. If you develop your own paid extensions, we have a very generous revenue share. We’ve taken action on the infinite price group feature. You can move the ball forward on other features that we can’t get to yet. Contribute by setting up a free GitHub account here. (NOTE: For you users who need support for our paid extensions, please contact our support team. They’ll help you much faster than trying to contact us on GitHub.)

How Are You Going to Use This New Functionality?

Some people will use the new functionality to create private collections for wedding pictures so they can charge different prices to different clients. Down the line, we are planning on standardizing price group functionality into the photo reprints plugin which already has it’s own way to set up price groups. What other uses can you think of? Please let us know in the comments!

15 responses to “Sell Media Update: Added Infinite Price Group Functionality”

  1. David Taylor Avatar
    David Taylor

    Is there a way to change the tab a buyer sees when clicking to purchase a print? I’d like to change ‘Reprints’ to custom text – such as ‘Prints’ or ‘Fine Art Prints’.

    1. David Taylor Avatar
      David Taylor

      I should specify – within the Sell Media REPRINTS extension?

  2. yepi 10 Avatar

    Sell Media Update: Added Infinite Price Group Functionality. thank

  3. Paaren Avatar

    I look every day for the reprints price groups update. It’s been a month. Hope it comes soon. Thanks

    1. zane matthew Avatar
      zane matthew

      I’ve been working on an update for Sell Media that addresses a few bugs and adds the price grouping functionality, I plan to have it released this week.

      1. Paaren Avatar

        I see today’s 1.5.7 update did not add price groups to reprints. Is that still being released this week?

  4. jvlphoto Avatar

    One of the main problems I have is that you can’t remove or hide the original price item. This means if you use the mark-up slider on the licenses all the prices are higher, but you can download the original file for the basic price.

    1. jvlphoto Avatar

      Sorry, my mistake. Ignore the above post.

  5. Paaren Avatar

    Price groups for reprints extension please! Thank you.

    1. Kalki Gillespie Avatar

      Hi Paaren,

      We are working on it. But after reviewing more feedback we decided to do a full overhaul of the photo reprints extension to include better integration with third-party printing services. So expect the price groups with this next version.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We added that a while ago 🙂

      1. Paaren Avatar

        I have version sell media 1.6.3 and reprints plugin version 1.0……I have image downloads disabled because I just want to sell reprints….My sell media price groups created with their own specific sizes do not get reflected in the reprints purchase pop-up….it still brings up all the same stock reprints sizes original with the original reprints extension install…….am i doing something wrong or is there a glitch? when you go the item page you see the proper sizes specified for that price group but when you hit purchase none of those sizes are available. Make sense?

  6. Haresh Avatar

    The new Sell Media plugin have mind blowing features to set infinite with fixed bug, bulk upload etc. make more useful.http://sms4you.org/

  7. Joseph Avatar

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering how we offer the option to either purchase a JPG (under a standard licence for example) but then also offer the option for a TIFF file (for a extended type license)?

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