Sneak Peek: Sell Photos Theme Preview

Do you want to sell photos online; in a clean, modern, and responsive design? Our next theme allows you to manage your portfolio, blog and e-commerce store all in one place. Check the screenshot below:


More Theme Designs To Help You Sell Photos Online.

In the wake of the release of our Stock Photography theme, we’ve received lots of positive feedback! Including:

“An awesome theme. Classy, crisp, and lets the content speak for itself.” – Jared

“With very little knowledge of web design, we were easily able to personalize and expand…Thank you Graph Paper Press!” – Tracy

Along with all of the compliments, we’ve gotten some requests for new features. So if you want to sell more photos (and we’re sure you do) take a look at what we added…

New Features:

  • Left column navigation – This gets all of the website stuff out of the way. Your photographs get all the glory.
  • Slideshow on the home page – Showcase your best photos in the home page slideshow. Add as many slides as you like. All slides can link anywhere within your site. Impressive!
  • Easy to find advanced search field – Search takes ready-to-buy customers directly to what they are looking for. More money in your wallet!

Plus, all of the awesome features that make the Stock Photography theme a success:

  • Lightbox – Who doesn’t love lighbox with all of it’s photo sharing goodness.
  • Metadata – Create archives for each metadata term (keywords). Automatically.
  • Dashboard – Create a private login area where your customers can download their purchases.
  • Collections – Keep your photos super organized. Put them into custom collections such as nature, business, industrial or abstract. It also supports infinite sub-collections.
  • Social Sharing – Share on Facebook and Twitter. Might go viral…ya’ never know.
  • Social Icons – Add social media icons to any menu link.
  • Custom Fonts – Two dozen fonts gets you the perfect look you’ve been waiting for.
  • Logo – Business first. Easy logo upload.
  • Widgets – Includes lots of widgetized areas and custom widgets (popular photos, recent photos, similar photos, etc.)
  • Custom Headers – Personalize your header image to better reflect the goals of your site.
  • Custom Backgrounds – Want a different background. It’s super simple.
  • Alternative Colors – Mix and match!

If you’re eager to start selling photos online, you won’t miss this theme release planned for next Tuesday. Look your e-mail inbox for our newsletter for an early-bird special (and discount) next week. Not on our newsletter list yet? Use the form below to signup.

9 responses to “Sneak Peek: Sell Photos Theme Preview”

  1. Seamus Berkeley Avatar
    Seamus Berkeley

    Thad, I’m a visual artist looking at your Stock Photography, wondering if that could work for me. I’ve got a bunch of questions regarding the theme—where’s the best place to post them?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Seamus, you might want to post those either on the Stock Photography blog announcement page: http://graphpaperpress.com/2013/05/14/introducing-stock-photography-wordpress-theme/
      Or you can contact our Support team and they can answer your questions: http://graphpaperpress.com/contact

      1. Seamus Berkeley Avatar
        Seamus Berkeley

        Thanks, Thad. Posted questions on the latter page.

  2. David Stephenson Avatar
    David Stephenson

    How will the Sell Photos Theme differ from the Stock Photography Theme? They sound (by title and description) like they are the same thing. Just different designs? This announcement is a bit confusing since you reference both themes. Is this just new features for the Stock Photography Theme?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      It’s a different design with similar e-commerce functionality. Make sense?

  3. Alberto Avatar

    1. I read some time ago that left column navigation presented problems for Google bot to read the site, so all the Themes became right column navigation. Do you know if that point has been solved? 2. What’s the advantage of left column navigation? The column has the same size, so it’s only a matter of having a “modern” design… or is it something I’m missing?

  4. Alberto Avatar

    Advertising: do you have Ads Widgets integrated with the Blog section of the Theme, or will we have to use Text Widgets to add ads?

  5. Alberto Avatar

    1. Portfolios: With this new Theme, may I diffrentiate my PORTFOLIOS (small sets of pictures organized around a subject that show the best of my work) from COLLECTIONS (huge sets of pictures that I want to sell)?
    2. Have you implemented a gallery to show the Portfolios (with buttons and thumbnails to go from one picture to another) and review the pictures as a continuous experience (not one by one)? This is important as the behaviour of a person who wants to buy pictures is very different from a person who want to check the work of a photographer to hire him/her.
    3. Are all thumbnails SQUARE in this Theme as they were in Stock Photography Theme?

  6. prashant Avatar

    i want to use sell photos for my stock cum news photo agency. My website http://www.biharphoto.com and now running on menalto gallery platform but due to non acceptence of Indian credit card from paypal ‘ve to use other e-commerce providers. My two queries–
    First, I want to use your one website plan $75, but the thing is that ‘ve to pay the fee every year, or my website ‘ll be down after 1 year. what about ur support and updates.
    Second, I want to use various rate cards for the photographs uploaded, and is it possible to upload the pix in bulk and price in bulk posting like my gallery platform.’coz in wordpress creating a product is tough, so i want this in very simple way and mybwebsite first priority is to provide online donloading facility to subscriber after succesful payment.

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