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Subscription Plans are Coming to Sell Media

Sell Media Subscription Plans

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sell photo subscription plans to your own stock website, just like the big boys at iStockPhoto? In less than one month, you’ll be able to do just that!

Our new subscription extension for Sell Media will allow you to:

  • Create up to 10 monthly and yearly subscription plans.
  • Set download limits for each plan.
  • Set custom prices for each plan.
  • Sell both one-off purchases and subscription plans.

Now, anyone with a WordPress website can enjoy enterprise-level software for selling monthly and yearly stock photography plans!

The Buying Experience

When a buyer visits your stock website, they’ll have the option to choose a plan to download your images. Here is a screenshot showing how this looks.

Sell Media Subscription Plans

Clicking the “Choose a plan” button redirects users to your Plans and Pricing page, shown below:

Sell Media Subscription Plans 2

After choosing a plan, your customers will be redirected to your registration page where they can add their details and pay. You’ll get paid monthly or yearly until your customers cancel their plans.

The Selling Experience

Store owners have the ability to configure up to 5 monthly plans and 5 yearly plans. Each plan contains a download limit and a price, as shown below in the screenshot:

Subscription settings

Unlike agency sites, using our new extension enables you to set your own pricing and download terms. Best of all, you keep 100% of all sales.

Here are Some Other Reasons to Get Excited

  1. Works with any WordPress theme.
  2. Integrates seamlessly with Sell Media.
  3. Integrates with Stripe for accepting credit cards purchases.
  4. Easy setup.
  5. Customizable emails.
  6. Total freedom with plan pricing.
  7. Easy for your customers to use.

It might take a few steps, but the benefits outweigh the initial setup effort. Stock photo giants benefit from subscriptions while the individual creative gets a meager percentage of the profits. Creating your own stock photo site with all of these features and this enterprise-level functionality is a perfect solution. Sign up for the professional plan now, and set up the subscription structure as soon as it’s released, or, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, we offer instant setup to help you along.

Get Notified

If you’d like to get notified when we release the extension, please add your name and email here.


2 responses to “Subscription Plans are Coming to Sell Media”

  1. Kyle Avatar

    This sounds exactly what I’ve been looking for. What will this be released?

    1. Thad Allender Avatar

      We plan on releasing a beta version to our beta testers next week. We anticipate a release date of late October 2016.

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