Theme Sneak Peek: Gridspace

One of the most-asked questions from our users is, “Do you have themes that support portrait layouts?” And while you can use our WordPress themes for either landscape or portrait photographs, we’re thrilled to let you know about our newest theme Gridspace, which is specifically designed to showcase portrait images. It also supports horizontal and square images just the same.

In this sneak peek of Gridspace, you’ll recognize the same elements of our other themes – a clean, minimal layout that lets your work shine through, but the layout has been designed to display your portrait photographs.

We’re putting the finishing touches on this theme right now. Look for Gridspace to be launched later this week, and as a paid Graph Paper Press member, you’ll be able to download it for your site and give it a test drive for your portrait images.

In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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