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WordPress 3.0

We have just released updates to all of our themes to support a variety of new features available in WordPress 3.0.  Visit your member page to download themes now. Here is a roundup of the changes:

Thanks to @cfimages for spotting an issue involving theme options in our initial release of Modularity 2.8. We fixed the issue a few minutes after it was reported and have increased the version number to 2.8.1. Download now.
  • Theme Framework Upgrade – We went back to the drawing board and dramatically changed the user interface (UI) for Modularity, it’s child themes, and Widescreen.  This new framework does all of the heavy lifting on the theme options page and allows us to focus more on front-end theme design.  The new interface includes inline AJAX saving and a more compact interface for navigating through theme options.
  • Menus – If you have ever attempted to customize your navigation and failed, this update is for you.  All of our themes now support WordPress’ new drag and drop Menu configuration tool.  We are also providing reverse compatibility for users who have previously configured their menus using our Navigation Theme Option.  To use the new drag and drop Menu feature, Modularity (and child theme) users must first enable the menu feature on their theme options page.
  • PhotoShelter IntegrationIntegrating your WordPress theme with PhotoShelter could not get any simpler.  If you can copy & paste a link, you can integrate your PhotoShelter account with our most popular themes.  Link URLs inside our themes have been updated to point to PhotoShelter’s new subdomain URL pattern.  You can read more about these changes over at PhotoShelter.
  • Page-blog.php – We’ve added a new page template to Modularity and it’s child themes to display all posts added to the category “Blog”.  Simply publish out a page called “Blog” and assign it the “Blog” page template.
  • Embedded Video Tutorials – Modularity and child theme users can watch our video tutorials from directly inside their WordPress installations.
  • Alert Updates – Receive updates when themes are updated by visiting the new Alert Updates link.

What’s next, you ask?  In early July, we will be releasing a new theme that will include many features that have been in the works for months:

  • Slideshow controls – iPhone and iPad compliant show/hide thumbnails and captions for slideshows (sneak screenshot).  Yet another reason to dump flash.
  • Product release page – If you have something to market or sell, this theme will help grow your business.  (sneak screenshot).  This feature will only be available for WordPress 3.0 users.  So upgrade already!

See you around the internets.

10 responses to “Theme Updates for WordPress 3.0”

  1. Chandra Avatar


  2. Kevin Curley Avatar

    I'm currently running your 'Modularity Lite' and was wondering how I can incorporate Google Analytics. Is this possible?

  3. led signs Avatar

    Do you have a demo to see online ?

  4. Graph Paper Press Avatar

    You can paste Google Analytics tracking code right above the </body> tag in footer.php

  5. Erhan-cakirlar Avatar

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  6. 21cdb Avatar

    The menu of Work-a-holic isn't working with WP 3.0.1

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Just updating this thread….this was fixed shortly after the initial rerelease for 3.0 updates.

  7. Sonisphere Avatar

    I find these themes really clunky. While ‘pretty’ – The whole child theory is confusing, they are not very SEO friendly, they are confusing to edit, they are unfriendly when posting to facebook I often have image issues.

    Maybe they have sorted those out in the last year, but they are basics. That said i am still using one on kililive.com if you want to have a look.

  8. Minecraft Games Avatar

    I’m downloading, I saw your demo very well with my website. I just like that. Thanks

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