Introducing Theme.Works – A New WordPress Theme Builder Platform

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Theme.Works is our new custom WordPress theme builder platform that allows you to create a totally custom WordPress theme in 60 seconds or less. No coding required. See how it works:

We tackled some of the major pain points that many of you face when trying to find the right theme:

  1. You can mix and match different layouts to achieve a totally custom design.
  2. You can select between dozens of different designs for headers, slideshows, portfolios, blogs, signup forms, contact forms, testimonials, footers, the list goes on and on. If you like background video, we got you covered too!
  3. The theme you design is the theme you download, simple as that. No guesswork, no reference manual needed to get your theme up and running. Just activate and start publishing.


Theme.Works inverts the traditional theme creation process: Instead of passively picking a stock template, you get to create a totally custom design for each piece of your website. Choose between dozens of different designs for headers, slideshows, portfolios, blogs, signup forms, contact forms, testimonials, footers, etc. Using a simple drag & drop interface, you can build portfolios, landing pages, business websites and much more.

Theme.Works is architected in a way that allows us to add new designs very quickly. So if you have additional designs or layouts that you’d like to see, please let us know!


To celebrate the launch of Theme.Works, we’re giving away one new theme for free every month. (Each new theme was built using the Theme.Works platform!) This month’s free theme includes header background video, portfolio integration and is fully responsive. Download it from the Theme.Works blog.


Theme.Works makes it incredibly simple to create your own custom WordPress theme and we’d love for you to check it out. And as always, we’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Introducing Theme.Works – A New WordPress Theme Builder Platform”

  1. What kind of license do you offer with this product? GPL? We are interested to develop a theme with your platform, tweak it, and use it on different websites of our organization.

    1. Yes, the design you create is the design that you download. If you want to change designs, just email us. But here’s a little secret: Next month we’ll be releasing a new customer design dashboard where you can change designs with ease.

  2. Been playing with the Theme Builder. It’s so easy to build your main page but what I don’t know how to do is control the rest of the site. What if I want to change the way the blog page looks or the about page? Once the theme is built is there a control panel in WordPress that allows such control?

  3. As someone who has used GPP as an example of what I would like for a few years now and never *quite* finding that perfect fit, it’s surprising that you’re treating as an entirely separate entity. I would expect at least some kind of co-mingling, if at least a “here’s the first one for free for being a GPP customer”. I’d love to use it and see if it’s something I’d like to offer my clients, but hell if I’m going to pay $80 to test drive it.

    1. We have special deals planned for GPP customers, so just check our next newsletter. We released a free theme at Theme.Works, too, so feel free to test drive it if you want.

      1. I’ll be looking for the newsletter! Providing a link to that free theme somewhere not several posts down on the Blog page would be a good start — I was looking for something similar but didn’t find anything until it was pointed out. I’ll certainly be checking it out!

  4. Be great if the [email protected] email actually worked or responded…

    I am using a Themeworks pattern for my business site and the Sign-Up section is not working, even with the Mailchimp API settings configured….

    Themeworks do need to help with this, seen as it is part of the integral workings..?

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