Top 3 Pitfalls of Portfolio Websites

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It’s amazing what can happen when the right theme is combined with a little creativity. We love producing beautiful, minimalist themes, but it’s no secret that it’s your vision, ideas, and hard work that determine the impact your online portfolio has on your viewers. With that in mind, here are a few pitfalls to avoid when creating your site:

1. When design overpowers content:

If your theme design overpowers your content, your theme has failed. You’re a creative spirit and you have a message worth sharing. That’s why choosing a clean theme that allows your content to radiate is key.  Want to show off your flair for photography? A theme like Gridspace or Instamate will draw focus to your images, not overshadow them. Pro tip: when you browse themes for your online portfolio, choose one that will let your work make the first impression.

2. When content remains in silos:

You have a portfolio, a blog, and an e-commerce website, and none of them can talk to each other! Did you know you can do all of this inside WordPress? Not only will you eliminate the need to manage multiple sites on multiple systems, but your visual brand will remain consistent as well. Our e-commerce enabled-theme Seneca helps you do it all. Allowing your site’s functions to integrate isn’t just smart; it makes life easier for both you and your site’s viewers.

3. When there are “twins” in the picture:

No, not those kind of twins. But these “twins” can be overwhelming to keep track of – in a different way. If you’re managing duplicate designs for both your website and your mobile site, you’re making life more difficult for yourself. Go ahead and treat yo’self to a website makeover! Using one of our responsive themes, like Retouch Pro or Immersion will allow you to create a site that can be viewed on a computer, tablet and mobile device, with no issues. In 2012 when everyone is browsing the web on any device within their reach, a responsive theme is always the way to go.

And there you have it.

What portfolio pitfalls do you avoid when creating your online masterpiece?

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