Version 2.6 theme updates

We’ve just released updates to our Modularity theme framework and its child themes.  These themes include:

Functionality enhancements include:

  • 7 optional, customizable links can now be added to the navigation from the theme options panel.  (replaces automated PhotoShelter integration links)
  • Automatic thumbnail resizing for images inserted into your blog post hosted externally.  If you haven’t set a post thumbnail, or uploaded an image into WordPress using the Add Media button, our script will scan your post and use the first image inserted, resize it to fit your theme design, and use it as the post thumbnail.  This will be a major plus for those users hosting images on Flickr or PhotoShelter.  Because these images don’t exist in your WordPress Media Library, you cannot use WordPress’ cropping tools for these externally hosted images.
  • Sticky posts now possible on featured app

Behind the scenes enhancements include:

  • Slideshow styles moved into theme-css.php and out of header
  • Removed deprecated files

Bugs squashed:

  • Optional externally hosted RSS feed in footer fixed
  • Slider app now displays correctly in Opera browser
  • Extra black background behind search removed
  • Special characters on category names bug fixed

Should I upgrade?

You only need to upgrade if you:

  • Use externally hosted images
  • Use externally hosted RSS feed
  • Want more control over your automated integration links in your navigation
  • Need to use special characters ( ‘ or & or foreign characters ) in your homepage application titles

How do I upgrade?

  1. If you haven’t done so already, upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.
  2. Make a backup of your existing theme, including Modularity.
  3. Download the latest version of the themes from your member page.
  4. Using FTP, replace the old theme folders with the new theme folders.
  5. Double check to make sure your theme folder has 755 permissions and that the files inside have 644 permissions.  99% chance you won’t need to do this.
  6. Visit your theme options page and add your new navigational links, if you want the new custom nav links.

The above upgrade should take you 3 minutes, tops.

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