Introducing the Wall Street WordPress business theme

Wall Street is our new WordPress business theme designed with the savvy entrepreneur and start-up in mind. It’s built to help you confidently represent your professional services and rise above the market. It’s simple and intuitive design allows you to beautifully showcase your business without any unnecessary clutter. We’re sure your clients will love it!



Wall Street is divided into multiple sections:

  1. Full-Width Image Slider – Add your logo, add a welcome message, and promote your business through images.

  2. Portfolio – Create a portfolio by adding your awesome work by posting under the portfolio category. Infinite submissions possible!

  3. Services – Add a little text that describes your amazing services to your potential clients.

  4. Clients – It’s ok to brag a little. Include a list of your most prominent clients and accomplishments.

  5. Testimonials – Good job! Tell others how your clients feel about your amazing services.

  6. Blog – Did you just release a new exciting service? Be sure to tell your clients!

  7. Call to Action – Offer prospective clients a taste of your work by adding a short call to action!

  8. Footer – Three customizable widgets to describe your business in a little more detail.

How will you use Wall Street?

Are you starting a new agency? Creating an startup? Freelancing? We’d love to see how you’ve used Wall Street to showcase your services. Please share your websites with us in the comments below! All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Posted by , at Graph Paper Press

Thad is the founder of Theme.Works and Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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  • stijn

    Looking very good. I thought I decided to go for the Chromatic theme, but now I’m doubting.
    Something I don’t see in this demo is navigation between different pages on the portfolio and blow overview pages. It are important details to know how that is looking and working in order to make sure people also get easy access to older posts.

    • Graph Paper Press

      Thanks for looking stijn! There is navigation between posts. It shows up below the post, for example:

      If yours aren’t showing up, please make sure you have more than 1 post in the category you’re referring to.

  • Lisa

    Wow, this is the most exciting new theme from Graph Paper Press in awhile – completely different. I can’t wait to use this!

    • Graph Paper Press

      Very cool. Thanks!

  • Simon

    Mind Blowing theme. Possibly just missing one thing…a social media menu.
    Could it have one please?

    • Graph Paper Press

      Glad you like it! Wall Street actually includes social media menus (we just don’t show them on the demo). We’ll add them and also update the instructions.

      • Simon

        That would be great.

  • Daniel

    Is it possible to embed a video instead of a slide in the top slide show for this theme?

    • Graph Paper Press

      By default it only works with images.

  • Simon

    Could the testimonial posts have clickable links please?
    And do you know when the rest of the menu options will be on the theme?

  • joza

    Hey Thad. Bought this theme the other day… can’t get the logo to appear. Can’t get into any kind of support to search an answer. Frustrated beyond belief.. can you help a brother out?

  • Roland Vegt

    my slider loads very slow, what can I do about it.

  • hawas2540

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  • Alexander Ziegler

    I really love this theme, think i’lll use it for my new website. The only thing i have my Problems is, that media scaling isnt quite good solves, so for me as photographer with huge image galeries and many pictures on the front page i wanna have the possibility of dynamic switch between the different media sizes compared to the screen size. I hope you ll implent this, or i have to write som classes by myself… 😛

  • Novka Mandic

    I like this theme, really great!
    Just, I can’t find a way to include testemonials in this theme.. Can you help me?