WordPress Plugin

GPP Block Galleries

Turn your default WordPress Galleries to beautiful and unique layouts so your website is refreshing on every new gallery.

A completely new approach to your photo galleries is now here. GPP Block Galleries plugin uses default WordPress Gallery Block but can be changed to different layouts just by changing the settings. No more separate block and complications to create a simple gallery. Furthermore, when you plan to roll back, you won’t lose your galleries and will be available as the default WordPress galleries.


Simple to use

There are no complications. You create a gallery go to Settings and choose which type of gallery you want to show and bam! you got it on the front end.

Versatile and Unique layouts

Currently, there are 4 different layouts you can choose from but the combinations with default WordPress Gallery Block settings will make each of them more unique. Here are the Gallery types you can choose from:


This is a simple fade in slideshow and has options to have fixed slideshow, flexible slideshow or even fullscreen slideshow which can be used to create you homepage as well if you are into that.


We have our very popular horizontal slider from our Sidewinder theme. You have different height options here as well.


We have another unique horizontal masonry layout here along with the popular vertical masonry. With different height settings and column settings, this can be different on its own.

Randomized Grid

We have used another unique grid layout that shows random widths of each image giving it a fresh look to your galleries from those fixed column grids.


Now most gallery plugins have different custom type posts that stores the photos differently and when the plugin crashes or there is no more support from the author, all these galleries are “lost”. You will have to either use post converters or retrieve or reupload them with new plugins. GPP Block Galleries uses default Gallery block so even if you decide to move on from our plugin, you still retain the images and they will be shown as default WordPress galleries.


As mentioned before, each available gallery layouts combined with default gallery settings will give your homepage a refreshing look for your visitors as if you are changing your theme every time.

More to come…

Now, this is just a beginning. We have been dreaming about this idea from the very beginning so as to keep things simple for users. WordPress has come a long way and the approach to plugins have been very complicated every time. We are always thinking of making things simple for our users as much as we can. We will be adding more gallery layouts in the future updates.

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