WordPress Plugin PhotoShelter Gallery Widget

Download Demo Version: 1.6.0

The PhotoShelter Gallery Widget is a plugin for WordPress that allows photographers who have a PhotoShelter account to easily display the latest photo or photos from any number of their public PhotoShelter galleries on the sidebar of their WordPress blog, portfolio or other site.

PhotoShelter is web application that many of the top photographers around the world use to sell and license images.

This plugin is also hosted at the WordPress plugin repository.

Why Use This Plugin?

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily showcase images on your sidebar from your PhotoShelter accounts so visitors to your WordPress site experience your best work.

Example Display

The screenshot below shows the final result of using this plugin. Your most recent PhotoShelter galleries are shown in the sidebar of your WordPress site. When visitors click the gallery image, they will be taken directly to that gallery at PhotoShelter.