An extension for Sell Media Subscription

Sell monthly or yearly subscription plans to your stock library using the enterprise-level extension for our Sell Media plugin.

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Sell monthly or yearly subscription plans to your stock library using the enterprise-level extension for our Sell Media plugin. Think of it like your own private iStockPhotos website where you set all prices and keep 100% of all sales revenue.

Customizable Plans

Sell Media Subscription Plans 2

You can configure up to 5 monthly and 5 yearly subscription plans and can set download limits for each plan. When download limits are reached for each plan, new downloads are disabled until the next billing cycle and the customer is sent an email notification.

Recurring Billing

All plans come with automatic monthly or yearly recurring billing. Your customers will sign up to your website once and their accounts will be billed each month or year until they either cancel their accounts or payment fails. The more your store grows, the greater value it brings to your customers.

Beautiful, Simple Shopping Experience

Subscription Plans

This extension integrates with the existing Quick View dialog popup so that your subscription plans are easy to sign up.

Sell Both Single Products and Subscriptions

Still want to offer single product sales? No problem! Simply set the Selling Preferences option to enable both single product and subscription sales.

Email Notifications

Subscription Email Settings

Store owners can configure up to 4 different outgoing email notifications sent to buyers including:

  1. Activation Email – Sent when accounts becomes active.
  2. Expiration Email – Sent when subscriptions expire.
  3. Download Limit Reached – Sent when download limits are reached.
  4. Cancellation Email – Sent when accounts are cancelled or billing fails.

Marketing and Up-Sell Emails

You can use the email notifications system to cross-market and up-sell customers on various plans and store offerings. For example, when download limits are reached, you can use this opportunity to cross-market and up-sell higher level plans via the notification email. When an account is cancelled, you can send the customer a discount code asking them to rejoin. It’s proven that these transactional emails have a much higher engagement level than any email marketing campaign, so don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

The Benefits of Selling Subscription Plans

Offering subscription plans turns a one-time product sale into a recurring sale. The more photos and videos you add, the more valuable your service is for your customers. The key benefits of selling subscription plans include:

  • Provides your customers with greater value.
  • Builds brand loyalty.
  • Increases revenue.

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Plugin released on November 1st, 2016