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All of the images and other media files that you have uploaded to your site are stored in the Media Library. You can also use this library to upload new files that are not attached to a specific post or page. The media library is not restricted to images, you can also upload files such as a PDF, word-processing document, spreadsheet, etc.

To view all of the media files on your site:

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Media > Media Library.
  2. You will see the list of your media files on this page.
  3. Hover over the media file you wish to change, and a menu will appear.
  4. In this menu, you can edit the media file, delete the file, or view the unique attachment page created for this file.
  5. Click through the Edit option to change the file’s title, description, caption and any other information that will appear on the attachment page.

Media Library