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What does this generator create?

You will receive zip folder containing properly formatted style.css and functions.php files based on the child the parent theme names you provide to our generator.

What do I do with this new child theme?

You can add CSS to the style.css file, which will override any CSS styles defined in your parent theme. You can also add any parent theme template files (example: home.php) into your child theme and tweak them as your liking. When you are happy with your changes, upload and activate the child theme in WordPress just like you would do for any normal theme.

But wait, why even use child themes?

Simply put, using a child theme protects your theme tweaks and customizations from future updates made to the parent theme. When a theme is updated, all of the files are replaced with new files. If you modified any of those files, all of your changes will be lost. Ouch. By creating a child theme, you can compartmentalize your changes so they are never lost.

Any CSS you add to your child theme's style.css file will override your parent theme styles. Any template file (example: home.php) added to our child theme will override the equivalent file in the parent theme directory. The functions.php file, on the other hand, does not override the parent's functions.php. Rather, it can be used to add additional functionality.