Support Policy

Graph Paper Press only provides support via our support channels & tutorials. We are unable to provide any support via Facebook, blog comments, or Twitter. We only cover support for our themes and can’t give general WordPress support that isn’t related to our themes. For general WordPress support, please use the WordPress forums. For general HTML & CSS tutorials, please visit the W3 Schools.

We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered support & modifications. So while we will try help you with any type of query (support or modification), we can’t provide extensive help in terms of modifications. If you are requesting modification help, we’ll be glad to assist you up to 3 lines of code. If however your query requires more than that amount of code to be published, then you’ll need to get customization help.

Bug Fixing Policy

It is our commitment to fix all theme bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. During our general support hours, we can fix bugs within 24 – 48 hours. We will also try provide a solution via the forum for smaller bug fixes, after which we will update the core theme package.

Comment Policy

We do not pre-moderate any comments and welcome all kinds of thoughts- supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise. We do not delete or censor comments unless they have content that:

  • is abusive or malicious
  • is off-topic
  • contains ad-hominem attacks
  • promotes hate of any kind
  • is deliberately misleading or inaccurate
  • uses excessively foul language
  • is blatantly spam

All comments are filtered through spam filtering technology; the kind we uses varies over time, but we are currently using a combination of Akismet, Discus and and Bad Behavior 2. The spam-filtering technology isn’t perfect and from time to time it flags legitimate emails (false positives).

Editorial Policy

Our Blog contains a combination of news related new product announcements and tutorials. We occasionally use affiliate links when linking to products and services that we believe would be beneficial to our readers. An affiliate link is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Refund Policy

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee for all plans. We cannot provide refunds for hosting products or if we help you with custom coding. If you have attempted to customize your theme or plugin and request a refund, we will not provide a refund. So before you buy, please ensure that the desired theme or plugin fits your needs and that you possess the required skills to customize your theme or plugin, if you choose to do so.

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.