Our 10 Best Professional WordPress Photography Themes

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Are you having a hard time finding a professional WordPress photography theme to perfectly display your work? If so, this article will set you straight.

Below, we will show you all of our best professional WordPress photography themes specifically designed for professional photographers. We’ll provide a brief overview of the main features of each theme. By the end of this article you should be 100% confident in which photography theme will perform the best for you and your photos.

10 Best Professional WordPress Photography Themes

1. Composition

Composition - best professional wordpress photography theme

Composition was designed primarily for stock photographers who want to make a maximum visual impact and big first impression. The customization options allow this theme to be used for a wide range of websites including business, portfolio, store, or blog websites. The key benefits of Composition include easy customization, over 100 customizable options, huge photos, and a minimalist design.

Main Features

  • Prominent Search Box – Ideal for stock websites. The search box appears over the header of your website, adding visual impact.
  • Mega Menus – Organize your navigation using mega menus.
  • Adaptable Design – Choose between one, two, three, or masonry column layouts.
  • Header Images – Display a large full page header photo on the dashboard of your site.
  • Slideshows and Galleries – Show off images using integrated slideshows and gallery layouts (tiled or masonry options).

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2. Shutterbox

Shutterbox WordPress Theme

Shutterbox is a theme designed for portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce stores. Great for creative photographers who are looking to stand out from other boring photography websites and display their photos in a unique asymmetrical full-page layout. Shutterbox includes tons of customization options, gallery layouts, and is very easy to set-up.

Main Features

  • Asymmetrical Design – Show portfolio and blog entries in a unique layout.
  • Full-Width – Includes full-width front page template for showcasing your portfolio and blog.
  • Welcome Message – Supports an optional welcome message and button.
  • Contact Area – Display a map and address for your business on the homepage.
  • Homepage Masonry Layout – Display your galleries in a masonry design on your homepage.

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3. Sider Pro

Sider horizontal WordPress theme

Sider is perfect for artists and photographers who would like to display their work on a beautifully minimal, horizontal layout. This theme comes with many customization options that will allow you to create the perfect website. It’s easy to set-up giving your site a clean and stunning display of images while promoting easy navigation throughout the site.

Main Features

  • Side Scrolling – Unique horizontal and side-scrolling layout.
  • Pro Gallery Lightbox – Beautiful gallery lightbox for displaying big photos with thumbnail navigation.
  • Photo Gallery Layouts – Show masonry, tiled, or slider photo galleries.
  • Fonts – Tons of fonts to choose from.
  • Customizable Front Page – Customizable front page options.

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4. Optics Pro

Optics free WordPress theme

Optics Pro is a clear and simple WordPress theme that can be used to power a portfolio, blog, and even an e-commerce store. Minimal left-aligned menu with masonry layout options make this theme a clear winner for photographers who want to showcase un-cropped images. The prominent logo location will also help to focus your visitors attention and build brand awareness.


  • Left-Hand Header Layout – Your logo and menus will appear on the left side of the page.
  • Self-Aligning Masonry Layout – Display your portfolios, or store images in a self-aligning masonry grid layout.
  • Pro Gallery Lightbox – Beautiful gallery lightbox for displaying big photos with thumbnail navigation.
  • Photo Gallery Layouts – Show masonry, tiled, or slider photo galleries.
  • Mega Menus – Create mega menus for maximum organization and navigation.

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5. Qua

QUA Theme for Creatives

Qua helps you customize your website to reflect the quality and passion that you want your website to display. Use this theme for portfolio websites, blogs, and stores to sell your work. Qua comes with a large number of customization controls which makes changing background and font colors a total sinch.


  • Header Slideshow – Choose from a variety of layouts such as blog, slideshow, and portfolio layouts.
  • Portfolio Integration – Keep the original images and display them in masonry-style without having to crop the images.
  • Custom Welcome Message – Add a non-interruptive welcome message displayed on the homepage.
  • Symmetrical Grid Layout – Display a multi column grid of galleries on the homepage of your website.
  • Multi Column Content – Content and blogs can be displayed in multiple columns similar to the look of a newspaper.

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6. Lookbook


Lookbook is our mosaic-styled photography and portfolio WordPress theme. Its beautiful mosaic design makes it perfect for displaying your photos in a unique way. Lookbook allows your site visitors to save low resolution copies your photos to a digital PDF file. This helps your potential clients remember your best work (at least in their opinion).


  • Lookbook Feature – The ultimate feature of Lookbook allows visitors to save copies your photos to a downloadable PDF file.
  • Builds a Client List – Lookbook helps you build a list of clients by saving the email address of those who have downloaded your lookbook.
  • Full-page Masonry Layout – Display a masonry layout of images that take up the whole screen of your homepage capturing each photos quality.
  • Collapsable Menu – Website menu will appear as a small icon until clicked then you can view the different menus and pages.
  • Clean Homepage Layout – Visually clean homepage design that is easy to navigate displaying your photos or galleries in a masonry layout.

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7. Gridspace


Gridspace is our WordPress theme that was specifically created to display portrait photos. This theme is also capable of showcasing square, vertical, and horizontal images.  With just the right number of front page options, this theme is easy to setup and a highlights your work high up on the page.


  • Grid/List View – Toggle between grid and list view for portfolios and blog entries.
  • Left-Hand Header Layout – Your logo and menus appear on the left side of the page.
  • Custom Welcome Message – Add a non-interruptive welcome message displayed on the homepage.
  • Homepage Galleries – Display your galleries on the homepage in a symmetrical and organized layout.
  • Clean/Modern Design – Clutter-less design so visitors can focus on your work.

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8. Stock Photography

Stock Photography

Stock Photography transforms your WordPress website into a powerful stock photography website. We put a ton of research and development time into the Stock Photography theme and packed it full of killer features that will help you sell photos and wow your clients.


  • Advanced Search – Find images based on keywords, collections, or filetype.
  • Lightbox – Save images to a lightbox and share with friends, family or clients.
  • Metadata Import – Import image medadata (keywords, location, EXIF) and create automatic archive for each term.
  • Dashboard – Create a private login area where your customers can download their purchases.
  • Photo Social Sharing – Share Facebook and Twitter in one click.

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9. Full Frame


Full Frame is one of our most popular photography themes. Designed specifically to showcase large images. This theme offers features that make it very unique compared to other themes.

Main Features

  • Full Screen Images – Display images on the homepage fullscreen showing the quality of each photo.
  • Full Page Image Scrolling – Full screen images will appear scrolling all the way down the page giving visitors a maximum visual of each photo on the homepage.
  • Custom Text Alignment – Show text about each full screen photo on top of the photo and choose the alignment of the text over the image.
  • Full Screen Portfolios – Display portfolios in full width of the screen.
  • Fixed Menu –  The menu of your website stays on the top of the screen while scrolling down preventing customers from scrolling back to the top to view menus.

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10. Albedo


Albedo is our most popular theme for photographers. Its a magazine-styled WordPress theme that that offers a sleek and professional look. Albedo allows you to display thumbnails to galleries in a slideshow on the homepage and much more.

Main Features

  • Thumbnail Slideshows – Display a slideshow on your homepage of thumbnails from your most popular galleries and portfolios.
  • Page Display – Show previews to other pages on the menu while scrolling down the homepage.
  • Thumbnail Views – Quickly change between vertical, horizontal, or vertical thumbnails.
  • Modern Design – Albedo offers a sleek and minimalist design making it visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Minimalist Menu – The menu is located in the top right small and out of the way giving visitors more room to view the photos.

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What do you think about this list of our 10 best professional WordPress photography themes? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. This is an excellent display of various themes for photography sites. I am ready to buy a template for my photography site and can work either with WordPress or straight HTML. I have one concern however i.e scalability. With some themes, changing the size of the browser, the browser itself or the device the picture is viewed on, either distorts the picture or winds up showing a fraction of it. I only want to consider themes that will show the entire picture whether the browser is full-screen or in a small window. Ideally, the theme should also be able to display the full picture on tablets and phones.

    Thanks for any help.

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