Our 10 Best Free WordPress Photography Themes

Optics free WordPress theme

If you are a photographer who is ready to make your own website to start displaying your photos, look no further.

This article will take you through our 10 best FREE WordPress photography themes. We will tell you about their main features and what makes these them unique, allowing you to display your photos in a minimal design. These themes are 100% free and they will help get you started in launching your own photography website.

Our 10 Best Free WordPress Photography Themes

1. Sider

Sider horizontal WordPress theme

Sider is ideal for photographers who would like to display their work on a beautiful horizontal layout. This theme has many customization options that will allow you to create the perfect website. The clean and simple navigation will make visiting your site a pleasure. It’s easy set-up makes it possible for anyone to have a minimal yet stunning website to showcase their work.

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2. Optics

Optics free WordPress theme

Optics Pro is a clean and simple WordPress theme that can be used to power a portfolio, blog, and even e-commerce stores. The left-aligned menu with masonry layout options make this theme a big success for photographers who want to showcase un-cropped images. The unique logo location will also help to focus your visitors attention and build brand awareness.

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3. Photolog


Photolog is a theme like no other. It’s layout makes it the perfect theme for cleanly showcasing your work while having enough space to write content about each photo on the homepage. Photolog’s main feature that makes it unique is its “sticky” feature. Each main image appears large taking up half the page while the other half is reserved for content. The “sticky” feature makes the images stay in place while scrolling down the post until you reach the end of the content for that photo. As you scroll down the page, pictures and content alternate from left to right. You can even post smaller pictures within the content half of the page in many different layouts, such as mosaic and tiled. Check out the demo and see the awesome design this free theme has to offer.

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4. Shibui


Shibui is a free theme that offers features that don’t seem free. Display a full-width slideshow header on the homepage giving a great first impression when visitors land on your website. Add a welcome message right below the slideshow inviting visitors to have a look around or quickly tell them what your site is about. Showcase all sizes of photos in a masonry layout with infinite scroll, automatically loading more photos and content when reaching the end of the page.

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5. Business

WordPress business theme

Business is our free WordPress theme that was designed specifically for freelance photographers and small businesses. Present your most popular photos on the homepage in a full-screen slideshow. Give visitors a preview of your website and services on the homepage where you can show portfolios and content quickly explaining what you do. This easily customizable theme will allow you to professionally showcase y0ur work and make a lasting impression.

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6. Onesie

Onesie WordPress theme

Onesie, one of our most popular themes. This theme gives you a responsive one page landing page which is perfect for quickly showing your work without complications of a confusing site. Simply display your work on a one page site, cutting out unnecessary pages you don’t need and making your website simple and easy to understand.

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7. Snaps


Snaps is a free theme designed for photographers who specialize in portrait photography. Display a large Fullscreen header image on the homepage with a welcome message or brief description overlapping the photo. Snaps contains a unique menu that is displayed centered on the bottom of the header image. Showcase galleries on the homepage directly below the menus. This theme is easy to set-up and customize giving your website a clean and minimal look.

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8. Mixfolio


If you’re looking for a free WordPress theme that is simple and easy to navigate, we have one here. Mixfolio is one of our themes designed for photographers who are looking to showcase their work in a simple and clean display. This theme is perfect for creating galleries. Add a welcome message on the homepage inviting customers to look around. Then display your favorite galleries directly on the homepage making your work visible right when landing.

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9. Fullscreen


Fullscreen is another one of out most successful themes. Display a fullscreen grid layout of photos on the homepage. It contains a unique hover affect feature where the images that you hover the mouse over light brighter than the others. The menu is located horizontal in the middle of the screen standing out from the grid of photos. This theme is easy to set-up and will showcase you work like no other.

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10. Mansion


Mansion is a free theme that is unique because it displays a fullscreen grid of images on the homepage. It has a unique hover affect that makes images light brighter when the mouse is hovered over them. The menu is located in the top left side of the homepage out of the way so you can view the stunning grid of photos. If you have many photos and want to display them in a full page grid layout, this is the theme for you.

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