3 Inspired Illustrators & Themes (Powered by Us!)

Every month we’re highlighting the amazing community here at Graph Paper Press. Last month, we featured wedding photographers using WordPress, and this month, we’re turning the spotlight onto illustrators of all kinds.

First up, we’ve got architectural illustrator Paul Hill, based in South Africa. Paul is using the Sidewinder WordPress theme (with it’s side-scrolling gallery slideshows), and we absolutely love what a statement the black-and-white drawings make when you visit the page. Such detail and depth! I have a soft spot for architectural drawings so I particularly enjoyed browsing through Paul’s images.

Next, we’re going in a completely different direction illustration-wise. That is, we’re featuring the tattoo artist, Rhett Johnson! According to his About page, Rhett has been putting ink to skin for more than ten years in Kansas City, and his site really shows off his cred. On his blog, it looks like he’s also getting into watercolor on skateboards, which is equally awe-inspiring.

Rhett is using the Modularity WordPress theme, which you might know is highly customizable and is one of our most popular themes. You can select from a homepage slideshow, homepage video, magazine or traditional blog layout from the theme options page. That means you can change your homepage layout in seconds with a simple mouse click. Of course, all apps are optional and can be configured with the content you choose. Modularity also integrates with PhotoShelter for you photographers out there.

Finally, we’re showing off Jean-Francois Vergne, who is an illustrator and animator. Vergne has a ton of vibrancy and personality in his work, but we also wanted to showcase his site because it’s using the F8 WordPress theme and has been customized by WPcoder. It really shows off the fact that if you have the inclination, our themes are a great starting point to making a site that is uniquely you. Of course, F8 allows for plenty of customizations on your own without touching a line of code too.

We hope you enjoyed this diverse look at some of the talented artists using our WordPress themes and that the peek into the world of illustrators has you inspired. If you’re ready to make some updates on your site, or want a new theme to freshen things up, don’t forget that we launch a new theme every month. Check out some of our latest themes >> 

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  1. Haj Khalsa Avatar

    Very nice selections! It’s tough to find theme reviews that aren’t just reposting the same high profile themes. I am looking for a theme that allows me to create custom clickable areas on top of an illustration. any suggestions?

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