3 Inspired Wedding Photographers & Themes (Powered by Us!)

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Every month or so, we’d like to highlight our vast, diverse and extraordinary community here on Graph Paper Press… because it’s your work that inspires our themes. And since it’s February, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it only makes sense to start with wedding photographers.

First up, Liz Saldana, a wedding, engagement and portrait photographer out of Pasadena, CA (hello, sunshine!). Liz is using the Graph Paper Press theme, Sidewinder, with a custom branded logo. The Sidewinder theme is characterized by its beautiful side-scrolling gallery slideshows and in the case of Liz’s Engagement portfolio and Home Page, featured below, the format helps to tell the story of the charming couples she photographs.

And to gush just a bit, we are loving Liz’s compositional choices!

Next up is another member using the Sidewinder theme, and we wanted to feature Exposed to Light not only because of the gorgeous photography, but also to show how quickly a color and logo change can drastically change the feel of your site to reflect your artistic style.

Bill Raab’s Exposed to Light business is focused on portrait, wedding and event photography, and is based out of Coon Rapids, Minnesota (go, Midwest!). We love his brilliant use of props and settings to create moments of light-hearted humor and tenderness.  The images really look great against the black background. Bill was able to change the fonts, logo and color of the Sidewinder theme using the Theme Options page, without ever touching a line of code.

Finally, we have French photographer Sophie Delaveau. (Ah, l’amour. C’est tres magnifique, non?) Sophie is using the Focal Point theme to highlight the work she does in wedding, portrait, lifestyle and editorial photography in France.  You don’t need a translator to enjoy the gorgeous use of light and composition in her photographs.

Focal Point includes four alternative stylesheets, a homepage post slider, numerous widgetized areas for inserting slideshows and welcome messages. It does not come with the adorable Francophile couple.

We hope you enjoyed this peek at three inspired wedding photographers using our WordPress themes, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our members really do make us proud. We’ll leave you with one question. Can you feel the love?

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22 thoughts on “3 Inspired Wedding Photographers & Themes (Powered by Us!)”

  1. Seeing Liz’s site in the Showcase is what sealed the deal for me redoing my F8-Remixed blog into a Sidewinder site. Her blog is also living in my RSS reader now too. She’s a wonderful photographer.

  2. I FEEL the Love!  Thanks so much for highlighting my new site and my work and for the nice works.  I have gotten a lot of good reviews on how easy it is to view and the simplicity of it.  It makes it a priority for my images to take center stage.  Thanks Again!

  3. Beautiful sites Liz and Sophie. NIce work… I am honored to have my site featured here alongside yours. Thank you GraphPaper Press!

  4. The blog post have really very nice theme and wedding photographs. The couple are looking so romantic and the photographs taken, are looking very natural. Very nice work!

  5. Hi there I am looking at creating a site such as the ones displayed here. What I was wondering is how hard is it to create a private area for customers to sign in?and once there can all they do just view the galleries? or can they select and order?

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