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Albedo + Sell Media = E-Commerce Win

Sell Media is now integrated directly into Albedo.

What this means for you:

  • You can set up and sell photos online with the snap of a finger.
  • You can make money directly from your Albedo powered theme.
  • You can have full control over the way you price and license your photographs.
  • You can do all this without any fees or middle men.

Simply upload and activate our free Sell Media plugin and get run a fully functional e-commerce website. Check out the screenshots below.

Now you can have an e-commerce section on your site:

Albedo E-commerce Slideshow

Click buy and this pops up:
Albedo - sell media light-box

And here’s a page of an individual image for sale:
Albedo - Sellmedia page

Albedo users can download the free Sell Media Plugin here. If you don’t already have Albedo you can grab it here. Subscribers have access you all our themes all the time. Since we’ll be integrating Sell Media into more and more of our themes you may want to join us.

10 responses to “Albedo + Sell Media = E-Commerce Win”

  1. Rogier Avatar

    Could you please do something with all the suggestions to the themes like sell-photo for example, before releasing more themes? Thanks

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Rogier, what suggestions do you have? Feel free to post ’em here or contact our team directly here: http://graphpaperpress.com/contact/

      1. Rogier Avatar

        A while ago (2 months), you mentioned there would be image navigation in a next version. https://graphpaperpress.com/2013/06/26/sell-photos-theme-anouncment/#comment-947976072

        I would be very happy with that, because on a laptop it is difficult (select, go back and select another etc etc), but on an iPhone/iPad it’s frustrating and even I don’t want to stay on my website. Something less important; I would like to see the slideshow functionality from Albedo (extended with an option to have a random first image?) in the Sell Media theme. Thanks again.

  2. Map Avatar

    I lost it quite interesting. Could you please do something with all the suggestions to the themes
    like sell-photo for example, before releasing more themes? Thanks

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We are 100% open to your suggestions. Please let us know what they are: http://graphpaperpress.com/contact/

  3. Friv Jogos Avatar

    It can not be regarded as a formula? And I think it is also quite reasonable and realistic.

  4. Peter Pauer Avatar
    Peter Pauer

    Another great theme (and this one nicely integrates with my Photoshelter account too!)

    Just having one minor issue, is there any way to get the google+ social media icon to work correctly with this theme, or at least the same way as the FB and twitter icons do ?

    You can see what happens to it in the top-nav on my current site
    It seems to be including the label text after the icon, and positioning it bit higher than the others.
    Higher I could probably fix with a bit of css, don’t see how to make it not display the extra text.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Remove the text (Google+) from the menu label and you should be good to go.

  5. easycass Avatar

    I am very new to all of this, trying to figure out if WordPress would be the go for my image business. I noticed on this theme that it shows some extra photo attributes, like Camera, Aperture, Shutter Speed, etc. Now, I am very confused.

    I have looked at the Stockphoto and Sell Photo themes, and don’t see this information. So, I am very confused!Is the extra information available to be shown only on this theme, or also on other themes? Also, when doing an advanced search, can we also search for this information?

    I think I am missing something! Your help would be appreciated…

  6. hameac2034 Avatar

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