Introducing Chromatic – the ultimate WordPress portfolio theme

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Chromatic-WordPress-themeFour months ago, our theme development team we set out to make “the ultimate portfolio theme for WordPress.” Today, we’re proud to unveil it. We call it “Chromatic” and it’s jammed back full of the most popular features from our 2013 theme lineup, as well as many new features.

Don’t feel like reading? Explore the Chromatic theme demo now or Buy Chromatic now. Here’s an early bird coupon valid until Dec. 1, 2013 only: CHROMATICLAUNCH Don’t forget, all of our themes and plugins come with a full 30-day refund policy and 1 full year of outstanding support from a great team of devoted developers.

One Theme, Dozens Of Layouts

chromatic-colors We’ve combined just the right amount of theme options and page templates to make Chromatic incredibly flexible, yet easy to setup. In total, Chromatic gives you about two dozen different layout combinations to choose from (page templates, colors, columns, slideshows, custom headers, background images, selling options, fonts, etc).

Go Fullscreen

chromatic-fullscreenAll gallery slideshows can now be toggled into fullscreen mode (see example). And if you have the Sell Media plugin activated, all images you have posted for sale can also be displayed in fullscreen mode. Bigger is definitely better.

Sell Online

chromatic-cartSell image downloads and prints (optional upgrade) directly out of Chromatic and WordPress when you activate our free Sell Media plugin. Sell directly from the homepage (see example) if you want!

Flexible Portfolios

chromatic-orientationChoose horizontal, vertical or square image layouts on the homepage and archive pages. Choose between two, three or four column layouts and allow your site visitors to toggle from grid to list view.

Parallax Effects


Subtle design features like the parallax effect seen on slideshow titles and the fly-in, fly-out effect applied to the left-side menu navigation set Chromatic apart.

Content Is King

chromatic-contentChromatic is highly functional yet the design fades into the background to allow your content to shine through. The main site navigation and the footer content can be opened and closed with a simple mouse click.


chromatic-responsiveChromatic includes responsive layouts optimized for phones, tablets and desktops.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear what you think of Chromatic in the comments below!

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Thad is the founder of Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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64 thoughts on “Introducing Chromatic – the ultimate WordPress portfolio theme”

        1. It is possible, but advertising isn’t built into the theme. You might checkout some advertising plugins if you need that functionality.

  1. One thing I notice right off is that when you go to a “portfolio” there is no easy way to get back to the portfolio index page (e.g., when you are on there is no easy way to get to other than the browser back button). Having breadcrumbs would be an easy way to solve this or, alternatively, a “Back to Portfolio List” button or similar.

    1. Yep! Good catch. While you can click the “Portfolio” link in the left menu, adding breadcrumbs would be better. We’ll add that feature to the next release (1.0.1).

  2. Great theme! Will you be adding a Google+ icon to the ones already there for FB and Twitter on your themes?

    The social icons feel buried on this theme. How hard would it be to move them to the top of the page or to add them to the menu to make them more prominent?

    1. Yes! Looks like this initial release is missing Google +. We’ll add it to the next release (version 1.0.1), which will be available later today.

      Social icons are actually fonts, so there should be no blurring at all.

      Moving the social icons into the left menu bar is super easy. Just follow the instructions for adding social icons to menus and make sure you add them to the Top Menu postion (not the Footer Menu position). If you want them in a totally different location, you’ll need to cut/paste the menu PHP code found in footer.php into header.php and then and a little CSS to position them where you want them exactly.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Thad,

    this is a very beautiful and useful theme.

    I am very interested in the lightbox feature. Can a link ‘add to lightbox’ be placed on the hover overlay to the right of the ‘Buy’ button on ‘Portfolio’ or ‘Buy Photos’.

    Is there a shortcode to add ‘Add to Lightbox’ to any image?

    Sending/saving the lightbox as PDF would be great. Is it possible to add this by a php experienced user?

    The fullscreen button is nice. Can this be used on any image?


    1. Glad you like it Gerrit! Generally speaking, moving any of the existing features (including the lightbox link) around is a pretty simple task. You just need to cut/paste the right snippet into the right place. Our support team could help you with this small tweak if needed. There isn’t shortcode for the “Add to Lightbox” feature, because it needs to remain tied to items you sell in your store.

      The lightbox already includes an “Email to friend” feature (see the attachment below).

      The fullscreen button is applied to images for sale and all gallery images. It is not applied to images that you merely insert into the post.

      1. Thanks, Thad. I have used Email to friend. Clients in a hurry love to get a collection of a portfolio as PDF. I only was asking if it is possible to implement this or not, not if you already have or plan to do so.

        Did I understand correctly, ‘Add to Lightbox’ only works for items I sell not on Portffolio items?

        1. Oh, I see. We have no plans for email as PDF feature. Add to Lightbox only works for items that you’re selling, not portfolio items.

  4. Quick test in Chrome (Mac)
    In the lightbox, when the photo purchasing has portrait dimensions, (example: Main in a coat), the title of the photo is overlapping with some other text.

    The amount of images on the homepage: is this an infinite scroll, will the amount be capped or will there be a page counter? How will paginating look like?

    I thought it was not really clear that you have to click the logo to open the menu and show the navigation. When clicking the logo, you expect to go to the homepage. Maybe it is better that the whole left menu is clickable when collapsed?

    Also the arrow in the bottom left corner should have at least a title tag to explain what will happen when you are going to click it.. Not clear which action is going to happen. Maybe give option to add text?

    And already mentioned: breadcrumbs 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The vertical image in the cart is a simple fix (will be included in version 1.0.1, due out later today).

      The number of items appearing in each section on the homepage is controlled by the Reading -> Settings page. We have ours set to 12. Don’t get confused though, because we only have 6 total published posts, which are showing in the top section.

      We had many discussions about the menu UX. Clicking the logo has to toggle the menu, otherwise, users wouldn’t be able to toggle the menu to a closed position.

      We’ll add a tooltip for the arrow in the bottom left corner.

      And yep, breadcrumbs are being added today!

      1. Clicking the logo to open the menu also bothered me for a couple of reasons:

        1) it’s not immediately obvious to a visitor unaccustomed to this sort of interface
        2) the logo resizing results in pixelation when the menu is minimized

        My suggestion: add a menu icon that replaces the logo when the menu is minimized. I think more people are familiar with the menu icon and understand it’s meaning pretty quickly. This also removes the pixelation issue with the logo on the minimized menu.

  5. I’m afraid I don’t see TRUE parallax effects on this theme. Using Chrome here. Hope you guys aren’t just throwing in a buzzword to increase market exposure.

    1. I think you’re referring to “parallax scrolling”. The background image (not shown in demo) includes “parallax scrolling”.

  6. Great Theme.

    1.Images do not load to fill all the spaces on firefox and safari on a mac.
    2. The images and content buttons perhaps should be above the images as this means the top line of images are out of kilter with the rest. I tested this in vertical image option.

      1. Hi

        At the top of each set of thumbnails there are two icons one for content/blog (perhaps) and one for images. These should be placed above the images and not in the same line as the first images. As it throws out the symmetry.

        1. Are you referring to the “Grid” and “List” view icons (see screenshot below)? They show up fine on our demo site, so perhaps it’s related to something on your site. If you reach out to our support team, they can take a look for you:

        2. Grid and List, whatever they are called they are not above the content. When you say it shows up fine could you show me how it is supposed to look.

        3. Thanks, mine are not above the image grid. Also when displaying the post excerpt and it finishes like this […]
          I would expect the dots to be clickable but they are not.


        4. It’s gonna be tough for me to troubleshoot this in these comments. Since the demo shows up correctly for both you and I, we’ll need to have our support team look at your site specifically. If you would please contact our support team and provide the link to your site, they will help you out. I’ll let them know to be expecting your message.

        5. The problem is I cannot really take the website down to look at problems I get over 1000 visits a day. I was just trying the theme out because it looked so good But it does have some obvious limitations like no place for a logo, only a hidden image, no call to action area or social media at the top of the page and a hidden menu.

          The other limitations are the there does not seem to be control over where the image is placed in a post or how big an image can be in a post. Not taking away from the fact that it is still a nice looking theme.

    1. There is no sidebar on this theme on posts, pages or portfolio items. You can add content to the Sell Media Items widget area if you have the Sell Media plugin activated.

      1. looks like it’s gone in a recent update? It was there (I looked a week ago) but now that I’m working on it on my blog and checking the demo again it’s gone…

        Also, any way to add icons for flickr, youtube and instagram for the social links in the footer? I’ve got the shortcode plugin working but couldn’t make it force them.

  7. On iPad: the menu always stays open, taking a lot of space. Maybe better to also automatically have it closed or work with an achor link so the page automatically scrolls to the content area?
    Not sure how to improve it: the ‘show footer’ action is a bit unclear on mobile devices.

    Anyway, I am starting to like this theme, considering to go for this one – I assume all your plugins are compatible? (especially the photoshelter plugin in my case)

    1. The menu is intentionally open on mobile devices. We’re pushing an update today that keeps the footer area open by default, too, on mobile devices just like the menu. We’ll be hiding the arrow and tooltip also.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  8. Hi Thad, apologies for the basic questions, but before I buy, I would be grateful for clarification on:

    1. I want to use this theme as a straight blog. Can I disable the ‘buy an image’ functionality on the homepage?
    2. Where is the Archive icon?


    1. 1. Yes! The “e-commerce” features in this theme are totally optional and only available if you activate our free Sell Media plugin.
      2. You mean the archive link? You can add it to the left menu on the Appearance -> Menu page.

  9. Hi Thad, this Theme seems to be impressive. Just one question: I’m not programmer, just photographer. Does it have the Sell Media fully integrated (it doesn’t need any additional programming for it to work)? Or does it need some customization? Thanks, Alberto.

    1. Hi Alberto! Chromatic and Sell Media are fully integrated. All you have to do is upload and activate Chromatic, and upload and activate Sell Media. There is a Settings page for Sell Media where you can select your selling preferences. There is zero coding required. 🙂

  10. Alright, I’m loving about half of this theme and half of Albedo. How hard will it be to pull the parts I like from one and put them into the other? Specifically I basically want this theme but with the top style menus from Albedo. I’d also love to see a video blog post (I’m hoping it looks like grid) and I’m hoping I can work some magic to make an instagram post section between blog posts and what’s for sale. I LOVE the way this scales with the screen size, but yeah, I want the menu to always be small and at the top like it is for albedo. Impossible?
    (feel free to check out which I’ve modified from autofocus to see what I’ve done so far). Either way I’m pretty much sold on your black friday price for the lifetime membership. I’ve been loving bits and pieces of your themes forever so it’s about time I pay for them and get access to the non free ones!
    Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Ben Jacobsen

  11. Love love this theme. I would like to have the menu stay open. I see the “sidebar-hidden” in CSS code. Will this be all I need to change?

  12. Hi

    Great theme! There are some layout issues from my end, I haven’t tested them in the actual demo. The footer – when you add widgets the spacing between each footer is very tight. The three footers are floating next to each other with no real padding at all. If i add multiple widgets on one footer its looks very tight and sits on the edge of the browser. When i add recent blog posts, if i select to add the date it breaks and doesn’t align properly.

    I know how to fix this in the css but maybe have a look into tidying that section up?

    Apart from that i love the theme! Well done!

  13. Hi
    A couple of points.
    1. I do not see any breadcrumbs or return to options on posts.
    2. Is there an option to change the colour in the menu bar and font size. Firebug cannot seem to catch the css.
    3. Could there be a sidebar option for posts please. Sell Media sidebar does not seem to like (i.e: they do not show) the widgets I wish to display. If this is not possible on this theme maybe this request could be considered for the next theme based on this one?

      1. Hi
        Thank you for the reply. I will try the CSS option on branding.
        On the breadcrumbs I cannot see any of that on my posts, although I can see it on the demo. Is there something that needs to be done in post category editor first or should this just appear no matter what the category.

  14. Hello. I’m reexporting all of my images to build in Chromatic. The instructions for max media width say 1200 (large). In the dashboard the media settings have 1600 in the max width field. Which is it? I’ve already done all the images at 1200 but would rather not have them auto-res up to 1600. What size should I correctly prep them at? Thanks.

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  16. Is there an option of having clickable thumbnails of all the images in a gallery. If so, do they remain visible when you go full screen? Thanks.

  17. So… there’s another WP theme called Chromatic. If you use the WP auto-update it will change to that one by hoot, and not the GPP one. Yall should look into this.

  18. If this is not possible on this theme maybe this request could be considered for the next theme based on this one?

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