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f8 is a unique theme for WordPress that can transform your Web site or blog into a fully functioning photography or multimedia portfolio Web site. SEO optimized, iPhone compatible, 100% customizable options page, grid-based css, built-in Galleria support, slideshow-enabled, built-in multimedia support, auto or manual thumbnail control, Gravatars, plus much, much more. All colors, fonts, front page categories, contact info, slideshow height and other options can be managed on the f8 theme options page. There is no need to edit theme code, unless you want to customize f8.

f8, which is a technical term referring the lens aperture setting on a camera, is theme long in the making. A little over five years ago, I began the arduous task of trying to find a way to present my photos to the world online. I primarily wanted two things: A portfolio section and a blog section built into one CMS. What I didn’t know at the time, is that it would take me five years to figure out. After researching literally hundreds of options including Flash powered portfolios (a big no-no in today’s mobile world), to countless bulky CMS’s that just didn’t cut it, I decided on using WordPress. It was well worth the wait.

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Thad is the founder of Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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126 thoughts on “f8”

  1. I have just announced a contest on my blog at http://www.techsuave.com. Already the prizes are worth more than $1000 but I am always looking for more prizes. I was wondering if you could sponsor any of your themes. As you can see on the post I have mentioned the Sponsor in great detail and i think you will be getting a good deal of exposure.
    Hoping for a positive reply.


  2. This is a wonderful theme. I’ve been searching to figure out how and where I was going to build my photographer’s gallery. I would have thought that WordPress was not an option for a professional looking gallery – but I was wrong. Thank you so much for a wonderful option for us photographers!

  3. Here is a terrific template for newbies.It can be reconfigured in itself or in an html editor to enable it to be anything you want. Use it to announce,sell or give away products and information.
    You can even sell the template itself.
    I have used it for several different projects online and it is the quickest way I have found to get started or update my sites.

  4. This is a wonderful theme. I’ve been searching to figure out how and where I was going to build my photographer’s gallery. I would have thought that WordPress was not an option for a professional looking gallery – but I was wrong. Thank you so much for a wonderful option for us photographers!

  5. Excellent Photography theme!

    Question: If I bought f8 for Personal Use, and then later decide I wanted the Developers version instead, can I just upgrade and pay the difference ($199-75)?

  6. hmmmm just came across this theme. Looks awesome. I’m in the market for a new theme for another site of mine. This looks like it might be just the thing. I’m loving the iPhone compatibility thing too. Pricey though.

  7. I really like this one, the pictures you used also do it a lot of good. The right theme, the right content goes a long way.

  8. hello,

    beautiful theme!

    I’m a photographer from Spain, interested in building a website with multilingual content (I’m trying now with qTranslate plugin for WordPress). Just wondering how f8 would behave with a multilingual site, any experiences?


  9. Hi, love your themes!

    I have a question.

    If I purchase F8, can I configure it to look like F8-static of F8-lite? I prefer that layout, but want to be able to modify the admin functions, I don’t know PHP or CSS.


  10. Hithere,

    Did you get my question… still awaiting your answer…. I want to know if the full version of F8 allows you to make the layout look like F8-static? Thx

  11. Oh cool, I love that theme. I am a new user so it will definitely help when getting into the dazzling up of my blog which I have yet to get into. Nice post by the way, thanks for the wonderful information.

  12. I’m getting a database error message when trying to view the demo. Any word on when that will be fixed?

    “Error establishing a database connection”

  13. Glad everyone likes the theme! I thought long and hard about my needs as someone who produces visuals (photos/video/multimedia) on a regular basis. I like F8 so much that I use it on my site:


    PS- the Demo pages are currently down because I accidentally deleted the database while attempting to clean up my Media Temple server. YIKES. More work for me, I guess. For a temporary demo, check http://thadallender.com

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  15. This is really awesome. I dig the whole design.
    Is there a way that you can incorporate videos relatively easily?

  16. What’s up with the fonts?

    I am using the newest version of mac with safari and firefox. The fonts display jagged. Even when I go in and change the css – the results remain the same for some classes. Where it bothers me most is in the H6 Archives. Can you provide me with any help on this? Thanks.

  17. @Niftysmith – you can easily change colors on the theme options page in wordpress. There is no need to edit code or know css.

  18. How do I change the menu, so that the pages I create is on the menu instead of the 3 dead “Link”-buttons? Thanks!

  19. How easy is it to update / modify this theme? I ask because I like to customise them a bit usually…

    1. There are style controls built into the theme option page for F8. For all other modifications, you will need to wield your CSS skills.

  20. My F8 is broken.
    I bought it awhile back, its has been just fine, then today it broke.
    So, I bought a 3 month subscription to buy it again, and now it is broken worse.

    Will there be a version to download that looks like the F8 on your demo page?

    1. Tom

      What happened to make it “break?” Regardless, the demo uses the F8-Child theme that is available for members for download in the members only area. It is a child theme for Modularity, so you need to make sure you have Modularity installed, but not activated, in your theme directory. Activate F8-Child.

  21. Hi F8 looks looks amazing. However, I’ve noticed that its examples of you might use a vertical photo. The way everything is displayed and laid out really only works if you want to display horizontal.

  22. I know that this theme is for wp, but is it possible to implement it into drupal cms? Is there an option…

  23. Hi,
    As a photographer wanting to display (and sell) my photos on the web I was wondering whether this template can adapt/accommodate photos other than the standard 3:2 ratio? Most of my photos are 3:1 ratio (or vertical opposite)…

    Many thanks,

    1. This would be a relatively easy modification to do, depending on your level of experience with CSS. If you sign up to our service, we can help out with the modification.

  24. Two questions:

    1) Is it possible to make the featured box on the front page automatically scroll? Or is it only able to be by user click?

    2) Is it possible to easily reduce the size of that featured box just a little, so that the user can see a little of what’s below?


  25. Hi Thad,

    Am looking at buying this theme. Need to check with you, does the top navigation bar support nested categories? In other words, if my site has nested categories, does the top navigation bar display them correctly in cascaded menus?

    Thank you!

  26. I’m using F8 lite right now but would like to use a design that I can put ads into easily, is this better for putting advertisements? I’m not very good at css and will need some guidance.

  27. Hi, I am a subscriber, I can not find the theme F8 are the other F8 but I do not have access to the F8 theme. ¿No longer available?

  28. Hi there, just considering setting up a blog on my site at the moment, from the information I have sourced wordpress seems the perfect blog type with the numerous smooth looking themes. Would it be true to say that for a photography blog wordpress is the best on the market?


  29. This is very nice site you have. I enjoyed browsing through it. Your site has a lot of useful information. thank you for sharing your info.

  30. I’m using F8 Lite.
    Why can’t I change the title tags on the front page to or title tags, but have the style remain the same as the default (bold, underlined)?

    No matter what I do it won’t work correctly. The fonts always get messed up. I’ve tried changing every which way. There must be something I’m missing. Any help?

    1. sorry, it made parts of this invisible b/c of html. here:

      I’m using F8 Lite.
      Why can’t I change the h6 title tags on the front page to h2 or h1 title tags, but have the style remain the same as the default (bold, underlined)?

      No matter what I do it won’t work correctly. The fonts always get messed up. I’ve tried changing h6 class=”archive-header” every which way. There must be something I’m missing. Any help?

  31. I came accross this article when searching google for wedding photography information for a blog article that I’m writing and although it’s not exactly what I was looking for, I found your article interesting and I’m going to have a go at implementing the F8 theme on my personal wordpress blog. Thanks.

  32. Can any one showcase their f8 transformed site? I am interested to see how dip you can go with this photographic-slide show template.

    1. Please download the latest version of WordPress 2.8.1 and update your F8 and Modularity to the most recent version on your member page.

  33. No theme options with 2.8?

    I also need the upper nav to reflect pages. I want to buy this but I need to know A) it works with 2.8 and B) I can get the upper nav to reflect pages. – I need my clients to have a fully functioning CMS when it is all said and done.

    If I get full membership will these problems be resolved somehow?

    1. Please make sure you are using the latest versions of F8 and Modularity. Also, make sure you are using WordPress 2.8.1.

  34. I am a new subscriber to GPP. I’ve paid up and my account profile displays my membership accordingly. However, I am still not able to download any of the themes. Each time that I click a theme to download it takes me to the theme page where I am asked to “join the club,” even though I am already logged in.

    Any support is much appreciated.

    1. We have contacted you via email to help you solve this. If you are still having problems logging in a downloading themes, please email us directly. We’ll get you rolling, I promise.

  35. WordPress rocks, and the myriad of themes that have been spawned by the WordPress phenomenom is just breathtaking. This Portfolio theme is yet another classic example of what can be done with the magic that is WordPress, and judging by this and other offerings on this website it is well worth joining to have access to these themes.

  36. Hi there
    I have just come across this site and its just great, I am new to this whole WordPress thing and I have to say that I just love this theme is just wonderful for photos and I can’t wait to go and check it out even more and see what I can do with it. Thank you for the useful information to a newbie like me it really helps.

  37. Hello-
    Have you checked this with WP 2.8? I ask because I can’t find the theme options anywhere, and the theme is currently not showing any images on the front page. Thanks

  38. You have a great blog here and it is Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy…keep up the good work 😉

      1. Any word on this yet?

        I would be willing to pay for the pro… if I like the freebie. If I can get the freebie to work, I would consider paying for it.


  39. hi,

    when I installed the theme, wp is saying this:

    Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    What can I do to fix this problem??

  40. Hi,

    I’ve downloaded the zip file which has appeared on my desktop. How do i unzip this file and apply it to my website?


  41. I had the same problem with f8 missing the template. Looking through the stylesheet I noticed that it referenced modularity. Installing the latter theme enabled f8 to work. Hope this helps!

    1. so: i if i register without paying, i can download child themes like f8, but not actually use them, since the required “parent”-theme (modularity) can’t be downloaded – is this correct?

  42. Where i can get the “F8 Lite 1.2.1” Version? I need this version because my Site have a bug. Please….can every body send/upload this Theme?

    Thanks… 🙂

  43. Like others above, I came accross this article when looking for relative wedding photography information for a blog that I’m writing. I found the article very interesting and I’m definitely going to try and implement the F8 theme on my personal wordpress blog. Wish me luck! Thanks Michael 🙂

  44. Hi there,

    I wanted to install this theme, but it is not in the list of downloadable themes.
    The list to download is:
    F8 lite
    F8 child
    F8 remixed
    F8 Static.

    Is this a child from modularity?

    P.S. I am registered


  45. I couldent agree more with the author on this one evem tho there are a few points I have diffrent outlooks on.

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