Get Sleek and Professional with Our Newest Theme Albedo

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Our newest theme Albedo is a sleek and professional magazine-style WordPress theme that is absolutely gorgeous and ideal for photographers.

We’re thrilled to announce that Albedo also includes the amazing Live Theme Customizer which allows you change background colors, upload a custom header image, or choose between over 20 Google fonts and watch the changes happen instantaneously.

Check out this video on Albedo to see it in action:

Drag-and-Drop Slideshows

Display beautiful slideshows on the homepage, in your portfolio and blog posts simply by uploading images in WordPress. Rearrange your homepage slideshow slides using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Fully-Customizable Homepage

Enable or disable different sections to customize a completely unique look for your homepage depending on the content that you want to present.

E-commerce Ready

Completely integrated WordPress E-commerce via our free Sell Media plugin. Just activate Sell Media and you can sell your photos online.

Responsive Design

Albedo is a fully responsive design, which means it adapts to mobile devices beautifully and is optimized for iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Resize your browser window to see the fluid grids and flexible images in action.

Live Theme Customizer

If you haven’t tried the Live Theme Customizer yet, do it now. Change background colors, upload a custom header image, or choose between over 350 Google fonts and see the changes happen instantaneously, live on the page before clicking save.

Horizontal, Vertical or Square Thumbnails

Quickly change between horizontal , vertical or square thumbnails on the Live Theme Customizer page or on the Theme Options page. If you are a portrait photographer, this theme is for you. If you are a landscape photographer, well, ditto. Prefer square thumbnails? We got you covered.

Get It Now

Download Albedo here if you’re a paid Graph Paper Press member. It’s ready for you!

Tell us what you like the best about Albedo in the comments below. We can’t wait to see how your site looks with this theme.

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31 thoughts on “Get Sleek and Professional with Our Newest Theme Albedo”

    1. No video in the Slideshow I’m afraid. It doesn’t make for a good user experience, we’ve found.

      1. That said, you might like our next theme, which we’re releasing in August. It supports video in a slider area at top.

    1. Yes. Each slide on the homepage has a text field where you can add a description. On single Portfolio entries you can add as much text as you want in the Editor field in WordPress.

    1. Thanks Niall! If enough users request it, we will make it happen. Contact PhotoShelter and vote it up.

  1. Looks great. How would one make the slides play randomly? Can the text descriptions be URL links? Many thanks.

    1. Add this below line 5 on albedo/jsflexslider/flexslider_js.js to randomize slides:

      randomize: false,

      Yes, text descriptions can contain links.

  2. Affiliate links are not added for this theme and couple of other latest themes. Looks like you stopped adding affiliate links for Demos. I really love your themes and promoting them in my website. Appreciate if you can add affiliate links. Thanks in advance.

  3. How do you set up the black box at the top containing the phone number? Also, which plug-in is being used to install the social media icons?

  4. Albedo is really cute. Last thing I would like to change ist the “FROM BLOG” section Headline. Which file I have to modify to do so?

  5. Hi, how about the maximum Portfolio size other comments asked for without an answer?

    Is it possible to have bigger images and change the width of the body?

    Thx! 🙂

  6. Hi! Is it possible to change the page title from ‘Portfolio’ and still have it appear as a portfolio page? Is it also possible to have multiple ‘Portfolio’ pages? I’d love to use the template to showcase galleries grouped on ‘year’ pages.

  7. Hello,

    I just bought this theme. Now I want to create my site just like how you have created (in the screenshot above) on this page. How do I do it? Please help asap.

  8. I enabled the slideshow on my home page, and the images all have a black bar at the bottom with the file name on it. I can’t find any way to eliminate this. In websites I’ve viewed using this template either the black bar is not there, or it has custom text on it. I viewed the Albedo video, and my screen for the slideshow set up does not look like the one in the video; the video version looks like it offers more features. Can you help please? Thanks

  9. Choice of 350 fonts? I only get a choice of about 20… that’s quite a few less. That’s 5% of the fonts that were mentioned.

    1. Did you get ever get a reply to this question? It’s now almost November 2014, and I have the same question after purchasing the theme yesterday. Please advise. Thank you.

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