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Go Big With Our Full Frame WordPress Theme

Tired of tiny photos and videos? Yeah, we are too. That’s why we built Full Frame, a clean and modern, responsive, post-format-loving WordPress theme that is ohhh…sooo pretty.

Full Frame homepage without header

Custom Headers & Background Images

The featured image of each post becomes the background image of the post on home and archive pages. You can optionally add a custom header image and logo, which will sit atop all pages. Here is an example of a post assigned to the “gallery post format” with an inserted gallery and featured image:

Full Frame gallery post format with inserted gallery thumbnails.

Smart Ways to Use Post Formats

Post Formats are an incredibly useful, yet under-utilized tool. If you only wanted to showcase big photos, for example, use the image post format to create a photo-centric site, like this. You could also mix in some gallery post formats, which look like this.

Full Frame supports the following post formats: Standard, Image, Gallery, Video, and Quote.

Keyboard Navigation

You can use your up/down arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate quickly between post on the home and archive pages. You can also optionally use the up/down buttons located in the top right of the navigation bar to navigate as well.

Responsive Design

Full Frame is a single column theme that resizes with your browser. This theme was designed with mobile devices in mind. We’re especially proud of the responsive menu on iPads and iPhones. Give it a ‘lil test!

Sticky, Fixed Navigation Bar

The optional custom header image (not shown on the demo site) appears above the navigation bar. When visitors scroll down below the header image, the navigation bar changes from a relatively positioned element below the header image into a fixed position, appearing always at the top of the page. Pretty useful, eh?

Fonts, Theme Options, Customizer Support

As with all of our newer themes, Full Frame includes custom font options, additional theme options for easily customizing your site, and integrates with the theme customizer tool in WordPress.


We’d love hear what you think about Full Frame. It’s been a doozy to make and we hope you enjoy it!

How do you plan on using it?

80 responses to “Go Big With Our Full Frame WordPress Theme”

  1. George Germanos Avatar

    Another FANTASTIC theme – great work! And AWESOME retina social media icons 🙂 Wish the other themes had them as well!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Thanks George. There are lots of little goodies packed into Full Frame that we haven’t mentioned 🙂

  2. re Avatar

    this is great! I am still waiting though for a theme that really shows off portrait format images in a Gallery format, something new that doesnt show just one image at a time. sidewinder is the closest, and I got really excited to see sideswipe and gridspace… both they both are awesome themes that go pretty boring once you get to the gallery/portfolios. You guys create such awesome themes for text content, you need to create an awesome new way to view portfolios for image content that isnt blogged!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We hear you! It’s on the drawing board 🙂

  3. teresa Avatar

    I don’t understand if you can have a static homepage instead of the one containing all the images as you scroll down. Would love to land on a single image page and then navigate to the galleries.. (don’t know if I explained it clearly)

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      I understand, I think. You can set the homepage to a static page. Make sure to a Featured Image for that page, too.

  4. SPINX INC. Avatar

    Great theme with effective design ideas to easily grab the user’s attention.

  5. Monro3 Avatar

    How do I add the social media icons in the upper right? For the life of me I can figure it out and I am sure it is supper simple.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Please check the Social Media icons section on the theme instructions page: https://graphpaperpress.com/support/theme-instructions/?theme=full-frame

      1. Bernardo Avatar

        Why Flickr is not considered? “Full Frame” is a theme for photographers, and photographers use Flickr a lot! Furthermore, can you give instructions about opening social media sites into a new page?

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          We’re gonna add Flickr icon support very soon.

  6. lrj Avatar

    Nice theme, shame about the instructions … if I go to look for the instructions at https://graphpaperpress.com/support/theme-instructions/?theme=full-frame
    I get the instructions for “On Assignment”, not full frame

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Strange. We just pushed out some updates to our site. We’ll fix this. Here are the unformatted instructions: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/wp-content/themes/full-frame/readme.txt

  7. Gary Eckstein Avatar
    Gary Eckstein

    Absolutely love Full Frame. Another beautiful Theme from Graph Paper Press 🙂

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar
  8. Ross Harried Avatar

    Was wondering what the default featured image looks like -my main concern with updating to this theme would be having to update all my featured images to 950 width, however I could use default featured image (depending on what it looks like) while I work on updating all my old featured images (I currently use Mixfolio)

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Ha, so good. Yep, you can use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin if you need to resize your images to new dimensions for a specific theme.

  9. redbeanabout Avatar

    This is beautiful. I would really love to see what it looks like with the header image that disappears(?) as the user scrolls down, as described above as the “Sticky, Fixed Navagation Bar” feature. Is there a blog you could direct me too that’s using the Full Frame theme?


    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Here is how it looks with a header image. Once you scroll down past the header, the nav becomes fixed to the top of the page.

  10. 337design Avatar

    Great, simple and soft design! This looks very cool with full page image background.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Glad you like it bud!

  11. Spinx Inc Avatar

    Such a great theme. It also supports for the responsive website design that means after uploading your website with these themes, it will get resized for different browsers and devices.

  12. Maurice Avatar

    Is there an option to add a share button for each post? Also, why is instagram not one of the social media icons on the top right?

    1. Bernardo Ricci Armani Avatar

      Also Flickr is missing, in my opinion. Is it possible to include it? Furthermore, is it possible to open them in a new page?

      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        People still use Flickr? The WordPress menu options have the ability to set to open in a new page.

        1. Bernardo Avatar

          Yes, people still use Flickr. At least, I do – is there something wrong in using it?

        2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Version 1.0.2 of Full Frame now supports Flickr and Instagram social icons 🙂 You can use the GPP Theme Updates plugin to update automatically.

        3. Bernardo Avatar

          Thanks a lot for your replies. But I installed the plug-in and it does not find any update. I also installed the theme via filezilla and it says version 1.0.1

        4. Greg Annandale Avatar

          Ditto Bernardo’s comment, I can’t get v1.0.2 either by direct download here or via the Updates plugin. Am keen to get these two new icons! Thanks.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We think functionality is best relegated to a plugin. There are hundreds of social sharing plugins available. Instagram would be a good addition for us to add. I’ll add it to the next release.

    3. BigAl Avatar

      Hi Maurice. You’d better read the fine print before uploading any images to Instagram. For any image you upload, you instantly give Instagram unlimited rights to use the image, wherever they choose, and for whatever purpose they choose. I, for one, am not going to hand over my intellectual property rights without some reward for doing so.

  13. Oscar Galvan Avatar

    Great theme!

    Is it possible to hide the labels on the posts?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sure, just use CSS (display: none)

  14. Mark Avatar

    wow, looks really impressive!

  15. Andrew McDonald Avatar

    Like the overall concept, but I’m having problems with the featured images. Looks like it’s pulling a medium rather than full-size image and then html scaling. yuck! Not sure how to fix. http://www.andrewmcdonaldphoto.com. Thanks!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Double check your Settings -> Media are set to the right sizes specified on the theme instructions (readme.txt). You might need to run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to make old images uploaded at smaller dimensions resize to the new size for Full Frame.

  16. Bernardo Ricci Armani Avatar

    How can people share blog posts via facebook or twitter? Is it possible to do this? I guess / hope so…

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      There are hundreds of plugins that do that. Try one of these: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=social+share

  17. Bryan Avatar

    loving this theme. Tell me please: how do I get the same menu structure that you have in your demo site; where the word MENU appears in the an bar, with my chosen menu appearing below? So far, I can only get the first item of my chosen menu to appear. Your time is appreciated.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      When there isn’t enough space for all the menu items, the menu becomes responsive and the word MENU appears in the bar and the items show up in a list below it.

  18. oksana skolnaja Avatar
    oksana skolnaja

    I just got recently my full frame theme, still working on it, but here is the beginning version of it: http://www.oksanaphotoblog.com

    I saw some guys were asking about share buttons underneath each posts, I just installed shareaholic plugin and costumized it. Also I am trying to figure an issue, I tried to create a gallery and feature it’s photo, but for some reason on home page it wouldn’t show up like in Demo version, basically the gallery post feature doesn’t work..not sure what i’m doing wrong:/

    Also I looked at http://www.boudist.com/ and I really would like to find out how to put the title and text on the feature image that would show like in black transperent box, on home page?

    overall I love the theme, and there are things that I can’t figure out yet how to customize it…

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Looking good! Contact our support team if you have any other questions. https://graphpaperpress.com/contact/

    2. Nick Avatar

      I’m having the same problem. Did you ever figure it out?

      1. oksana skolnaja Avatar
        oksana skolnaja

        The gallery feature doesnt work for me for some reason, Nick;/

  19. Ken Avatar

    affiliate program has stopped?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      It’s only available for our customers now. It’s a referral program. The affiliate program was being abused.

  20. Greg Avatar

    This looks like a beautiful theme. The only problem I can see is that when the homepage text is over a light part of the image, the text is hard to see. http://www.boudist.com/ seems to have solved this. Is that a built in option in your theme or did boudist.com make some css mods? Thanks!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      It looks like Boudist added some CSS to the container to make it darker. You can do the same by using CSS’s background-color property.

      1. Carmen Sisson Avatar
        Carmen Sisson

        Can you explain where to add this CSS? Would you consider making this an option in future updates? Also, I’ve read that you can control where the text excerpt is located through text options on your post page near the featured image, but I upgraded to the latest version, and I still don’t have this option. Help would be appreciated.

    2. Carmen Sisson Avatar
      Carmen Sisson

      If you figured out how/where to add this CSS, I’d love to know. I’m having the same problem.

  21. Bernardo Avatar

    Will you add the flickr icon? It’s a popular photo-network and I guess FF theme users are also on flickr. It should not be too complicated, i assume.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      This is the second request, so yes! Look for it in the next release.

      1. Bernardo Avatar

        Ok thanks. Sorry for insisting…

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Upgrade to version 1.0.2 of Full Frame, which now supports Flickr and Instagram social icons.

  22. Poppy Avatar

    Hi, love, love this theme, think it’s amazing! I’m stuck & lookin to see if anyone can help. I’m desperately trying to make a full size single image as my static home page. I’ve tried adding a new ‘standard’ page,(and also tried a new ‘image’ page) set my featured image and set as static page, but the page just shows as background image with a white box body for text. Any ideas as i’m completely flumoxed. I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance 😉

  23. friv Avatar

    Great theme, but I do not see the slides in your theme

  24. Friv Avatar

    love, love this theme. Thanks

  25. kizi Avatar

    it’s theme for blog or..???

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      A blog, a portfolio, a business, whatever your heart desires.

  26. Clwordpress Avatar

    Hi – love the theme! Is there a way to get the pages to be semi-transparent instead of white? Please let me know as soon as you can– looking to send a mock website to someone today. Thanks!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, you’ll need to use rgba in your stylesheet wherever appropriate: http://www.css3maker.com/css-3-rgba.html

  27. Jocke Avatar

    Thanks for a great theme! I would like the navigation menu be the small version all of the time, no matter how big the browser screen is. How do I fix that? Thanks!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      You would need to customize code in header.php and style.css

  28. Frustrated Avatar

    It’s a very cool theme. What is unfortunate though is that if you use a static page as your homepage, the site title blocks out the title of the first post on your blog making it inaccessible. Additionally all the options you can set for a blog post such as where the title appears get lost. I believe they GPP guys have mentioned this in their instructions, but that doesn’t help the issue. 🙁

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Can you contact our support team and post a link to your site so we can check it out?

  29. louise page Avatar
    louise page

    hi I,ve purchased your fullframe via wordpress and loving it. However think i’d like to transport it to my other sites host so i can add plug-ins and google analytics etc… Is there any advice links on how to do this pls?

    Also how do i change the title bar background? its currently black and i,ve purchased custom design but still can’t figure?

    1. Jesper Avatar

      Hey Louise, did you find a solution on how to move the full frame theme from wordpress.com to wordpress.org? I have the same problem, since I want to use a plugin so that I can integrate my newsletter on my site. Help is much appreciated 🙂

  30. Katri Avatar

    Hi! Just purchased the lovely Full Frame, but how do I get my logo on the page? I thought its place would be up left in the navigation bar, but I´m not succeeding getting it there, or anywhere else for that matter. In which format the logofile should be? PNG? JPG? And a second question: what is the recommended sizing for the featured background image, so that it will not be pixeled even in bigger screens….? Thanks a lot for your help, will be appreciated =)

  31. madamsara Avatar

    This was the best GP theme so far until I somehow lost the option to have a horizontal nav bar. It worked fine when first installed and customized to the Navigation option, but perhaps in experimenting with other menus I lost it. The only option now is a Menu dropdown. How can I get the horizontal nav bar back?


  32. artikelbebas Avatar
  33. Mari Avatar

    Hi, How can I eliminate the comments box from my pages? I’m not a blogger, I’m an artist. My content is mostly static. I’ve tried a number of things from my dashboard but I haven’t found the right process. Thanks

  34. Tristán Avatar

    hello, I want to know how can I make to appear the fb or twitter rounded small logos in the header as in the examples?

  35. Donnie Avatar

    Thanks a lot for making me aware about best of full frame WordPress theme. I wish and hope this theme would definitely be used in my next project. I would like to say something about your post that every time I visit on this website finds some creative themes like nulledstylez.com has. They have also lots of WordPress themes of different categories which anyone can download for free of cost

  36. Elena Granday Avatar

    Thanks for a great theme! This was the best GP theme so far until I somehow lost the option to have a horizontal nav bar.

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