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Gridline Lite is a free minimalist theme for WordPress 2.8 and up with full sidebar and bottombar widget support that utilizes a CSS framework to help streamline development and customization. Gridline pulls in the most recent post, with five recently posted stories listed in offset backgrounds below to keep your readers attention.


  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Upload the entire “Gridline Lite″ folder to your “/wp-content/themes/” folder
  3. Log in into your WordPress control panel
  4. Click the Presentation tab
  5. Select the “Gridline Lite” screenshot


  1. GETTING STARTED: To change the number of main entries listed on your homepage, click Options > Reading in your WordPress interface.
  2. Photos posted within each entry’s post will should not exceed 590px wide, otherwise, the images will bleed into the sidebar and make you site look icky.
  3. YOUR AUTHORS PAGE: Gridline Lite comes packaged with an author archive (authors.php), which will display some author specific info pulled from the Users page in your WordPress installation. In order for the author’s image to show up, you’ll need to place a jpg of the author titled by the author’s last name in the wp-content/themes/gridline/images/authors/ folder. For instance, mine is Allender.jpg, sized at 75px X 75px. Here is an example author page.
  4. STYLES.CSS: Unlike most WordPress themes which plug all the css in one file called styles.css, Gridline utilizes the Blueprint CSS framework to help separate positioning, typography, forms and what I’ll refer to as custom or gridline specific styles. To edit all custom gridline specific styles, you’ll need to edit the file style.css in your wp/wp-content/themes/gridline/ directory.

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Thad is the founder of Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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99 thoughts on “Gridline Lite”

  1. I would like to ask you, next time if you have some time, could you please convert endline character from mac style to unix, please.
    Wordpress doensn’t understand mac endlines…

  2. great theme! thanks a lot.
    I’m having a problem – what do I need to change to make the images stand above the text and not to wrapped in the text?
    thanks 🙂

  3. Gridline Light – another error: When you click the “comments” on the main index page, nothing happens, because the links points to “#comments”. Shouldn’t there be <a href="#comments"> instead?

  4. Hey, I just cranked up your awesome theme. How I also have the same problem where images do not clear a line after. I have tried changing the style.css to clear the floats on img tags, but it is not working. I hate to ask you since I know this has to be an easy thing to fix. Can you help me on this? Thanks!

  5. Anyone know how to change the code so that you actually come to the comment, when clicking on “Comment” from a post on the start page?

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  7. admin, I have trouble with this theme, when I post the images in the template deconfiguration me, please help me :S

  8. I like this theme so much because it loads fast. No graphics galore, which is useless in a website.

  9. I would like to ask you, next time if you have some time, could you please convert endline character from mac style to unix, please.

  10. I’m trying out this theme but have one wee problem – it sets itself into my browsing history (sorry I’m not that technical) so that whenever I make a design change ie: move widgets around etc… then I can’t see how it would display on my site. Help?

    Visit me @

  11. Excelente plantilla pero para probarla tuve que descargarla. Trate de ver la imagen perro daba un erro de base de datos. Tengan cuidado porque observar estas imagenes facilita tomar una decisión

  12. Love it! Thanks for sharing the goods 🙂 We’ve been looking for a new blog layout for our site….this just may be the one! 🙂

  13. I would like to ask you, next time if you have some time, could you please convert endline character from mac style to unix, please.

  14. This is a lovely theme, which I am using for my blog now. Thanks very much! I have just 3 questions on customization:

    1. Because I use a lot of italics, I want to modify it. Currently, italicized text shows in yellow background color. What is the CSS element I should change to modify this?

    2. I also don’t want to display the ‘contributors” link on my sidebar. How do I get rid of it?

    3. I also don’t want to display my blogroll on the right sidebar. How do I do knock it off?

    Many thanks again! 🙂 I’ll be a regular visitor here.

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  17. Good information in your blogpost, I watched this report on television yesterday about this same thing and since I am getting married a few weeks from now and the timing couldn’t have been better! thanks for the post!

  18. I would like to ask you, next time if you have some time, could you please convert endline character from mac style to unix, please.

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