Gridspace now available on WordPress.com

Today we’re happy totally freaking psyched to announce that our very own Gridspace theme is now available as a premium theme on WordPress.com.

As mentioned on the WordPress.com Gridspace theme page, Gridspace is a clean and modern portfolio theme that is perfect for showcasing vertical, horizontal or square images. Built by photographers, for photographers, Gridspace removes unnecessary clutter and will help put the spotlight back on your content. Check out the live theme demo to see Gridspace in action.

Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress.com is a hosted version of the software available from WordPress.org, albeit with some awesome add-ons (some free, some paid). WordPress.com affords users with the ability to have a WordPress site without the headaches of managing your own server, installing WordPress, managing upgrades and security all by yourself. We think it’s a great option for both new and experienced users. You can read more about the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org right here.

Theme Differences

There are some small, but important differences between the versions of Gridspace available for download from here at GraphPaperPress.com and the version available on WordPress.com.

Version available for download from GraphPaperPress.com

  • Supports PhotoShelter integration.
  • Has a “Portfolio” custom post type.
  • The “Gallery Post Format” uses a special, minimalist slideshow script, as seen here.
  • Includes a “Blog” page template.
  • Includes additional theme options (fonts, custom css, favicon upload, etc).

Version available for download from WordPress.com

  • Includes two default Google Fonts. Upgrade to use the Custom Design premium upgrade to switch fonts and colors.
  • Doesn’t integrate with PhotoShelter.
  • Doesn’t include a “Portfolio” post type.
  • Includes a different Gallery and Slideshow design.
  • Includes four theme options: Logo upload, dark/light color styles, welcome message and thumbnail orientation.

Gridspace is available for $75 from WordPress.com. If you have a WordPress.com blog and want to give it a test drive, just visit your Appearance -> Themes page and preview Gridspace.

Gridspace is our third theme (see Modularity Lite and Mixfolio) for WordPress.com. We owe the theme team at WordPress.com (Caroline, Michael, Philip, Lance, Ian) a huge thanks for making our first foray into the premium theme platform an awesome experience. You all seriously rule.

9 responses to “Gridspace now available on WordPress.com”

  1. Prophet Avatar

    Force the Search Engines to Create Your High PR Links for You !

  2. Chicquero Avatar

    We are in love with our brand new Gridspace layout, thank you Graph Paper Press.
    Cheers and love from Brazil

  3. SFDesigner Avatar

    I LOVE this theme, but think it would be great for you guys to mention that the gridspace theme that is available for purchase through the WordPress.com premium does not offer all of the same features and design options as if you purchase through graphpaperpress.com. I, unfortunately, found this out the hard way. And now that i have created my blog using the theme purchased through wordpress.com, I now have to purchase it again through graphpaperpress.com and try to export my work into a new blog. I am hoping I will be able to get a refund through wordpress. but, it isn’t the money that is even the issue, it is all of the work I may have to redo.

    that being said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your themes. Finally designs that are beautiful, elegant, simple and relevant…people often don’t realize how challenging simple design is to create, and it is so well done here.
    Thank you!

  4. Seen Avatar

    Hey – My thumbnail images for my posts are no longer being automatically generated on the front page. Any assistance would be appreciated

    1. Seen Avatar

      OK, figured it out. Since WordPress made changes to the media library, I have to set a featured image rather than this being automatically generated by the theme. Can you guys possibly change this?

  5. Karen McLeod Avatar
    Karen McLeod

    Hello, if you use wordpress.com (as opposed to self-hosting) do you only have the option to purchase the theme via wordpress.com.


    Can you purchase the theme from graphpaperpress.com (in order to get all the features and design options when purchased through graphpaperpress.com) and use it on your wordpress.com hosted blog?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Whitney Avatar

    Hi there! As a brand-new user to WordPress, would I be better off buying Gridspace from you directly and self-hosting it (I have an account with Bluehost already) or from WordPress.com? I know enough about web design to be slightly dangerous but get easily stumped with technical issues that I can’t figure out (I’m a print designer who lives and breathes Adobe software all day long). To get my new site up and running pretty fast, please advise on which option would be easiest for me. Many thanks for your help!!! Love the design.

    1. Thad Allender Avatar

      Glad you like the theme! If you already have hosting with Bluehost with WordPress installed, it’s probably easiest to just get the theme here instead of WordPress.com.

      1. Whitney Avatar

        Thanks Thad!!!

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