Instamate Ushers In Live Customization & Instagram Integration

Our newest theme Instamate takes a huge step forward by introducing never-before seen features in any of our themes including live theme customization previews and optional integration with Instagram and Twitter. Plus, it has those big, minimalist slideshows that we know you all love.

Instamate is the beginning of a new era of WordPress themes at Graph Paper Press that will make it as easy as possible for you to customize your theme and will provide the basis of all our themes moving forward.

Check out this video to see Instamate in action:

In addition to what you see in the video above, we’ve also added additional features to Instamate since our sneak peek last week. Check out the full list of capabilities below:

Live Theme Customizer

The live theme customizer is seriously addictive and we know you’re going to absolutely love it. Change background colors, upload a custom header image, or choose between over 350 Google fonts and see the changes happen instantaneously, live on the page before clicking save.

Tweak CSS Live

In addition to the other live theme customizer options, there is now a CSS panel for adding custom CSS that updates live as you make changes.

Color Pickers

Choose your link color, your header text color and your background color with a simple click on the integrated color picker. These changes happen live, right before your eyes, so you can fine-tune your site colors to your own taste.

Fonts Galore

Choosing fonts is now dead simple. Select between over 350 fonts from the Google Font directory and preview the font pairings live. You can select two font: One for headings and another complementary font for everything else.

Optional Header Image & Sidebar Alignment

We’ve made the header image optional. You can easily remove it or add you own on the Live Theme Customizer page. Having a left or right Sidebar is also up to you. Don’t want a Sidebar at all? Instamate supports that too.

Horizontal, Vertical or Square Thumbnails

Quickly change between horizontal , vertical or square thumbnails on the Live Theme Customizer page or on the Theme Options page. If you are a portrait photographer, this theme is for you. If you are a landscape photographer, well, ditto. Prefer square thumbnails? We got you covered.

Optional Instagram Integration

If you love Instagram as much as we do, you’ll love the optional integration with Instagram in this theme. Here’s how it works. When you use the theme in conjunction with the Instagrate plugin, you’ll be able to upload an image to Instagram from your phone, and the image will be cross-posted to your WordPress site by creating a new post with the Image Post format. The theme’s proportions fit Instagram photos perfectly. It’s magic.

Responsive Design

Like all of our new themes, Instamate adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Resize your browser window to see the fluid grids and flexible images in action on the demo page.


Download Instamate now, and let us know your theme feedback in the comments below.

24 responses to “Instamate Ushers In Live Customization & Instagram Integration”

  1. Mark Greenmantle Avatar

    Really wanted to see more of this but the link scored me a 404error : the video certainly looks very cool though!

    1. Rebecca Thorman Avatar

      Oops, sorry about that, Mark! Give it a try now. The link and demo should be working.

  2. Jah Linx Avatar

    Thank Rebecca this theme is just what an artist needs I’ll download it
    now and look at the dashboard, to see if its as friendly as it looks,
    Thanks again. Jah Linx.

    1. Rebecca Thorman Avatar

      Awesome, glad to hear it and hope you love it!

      1. gomobi 218 Avatar
        gomobi 218

        thật tuyệt!! theme very good..thanks!!

  3. Dean Avatar

    Great work guy’s! This takes WordPress to a whole other level.

    1. Rebecca Thorman Avatar

      Woot! Thank ya 🙂

  4. fburnside Avatar

    One thing missing – integration with Photoshelter! Any chance?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      PhotoShelter controls which themes integrate with their system. Feel free to reach out to theme and request it:

  5. René Avatar

    Great theme, installed and running! Small note, you have the “Gridspace” theme name and link in the footer of “Instamate”…

  6. Thomas Pedersen Avatar
    Thomas Pedersen

    It looks really cool. Does it integrate with WooCommerce?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      It’s not a “WooCommerce” theme, but WooCommerce is supposed to integrate with many themes, so integration should theoretically work.

  7. Katie Avatar

    Can this site support video?

  8. Alex Avatar

    So, as Katie asked, does this support video posts?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Absolutely. The demo site shows video on the portfolio and blog pages.

  9. Cedric Riveau Avatar

    Guys, this is amazing!

  10. Bryan Menell Avatar

    I would love to see this sort of on-the-fly flexibility in a company website type of theme.

  11. Vanessa Avatar

    Love love love this theme! It’s got 99% of what I’m looking for. Just 2 questions:

    1) is there a way to layout the primary menu items differently? I get that it’s easier to have them fixed in one location so it’s easier to pick a header photo, but could I move them to the right hand side of the header instead?

    2) is there any plans on including flickr to the social media icons?

    Thanks again!

  12. Andrew Adams Avatar
    Andrew Adams

    Testing out this theme, looks great but I am having issues with vertical images uploaded in portfolios and pages. They are showing too big, double their original size of 800×533 pixels. I have them sized same as horizontal images.

    1. TR Avatar

      I am having this same problem. My pictures are huge and I can’t get them down to a normal size that fits the screen comfortably.

  13. Heather Avatar

    can social media icons be added, other than the six that are stored in Instamate? Would I have to d/l image icons and use CSS codes to do so?

  14. TR Avatar

    Hello, I LOVE this theme so far, the only two issues I am having are the large size of the pictures in the portfolios I create (they are far too big and changing the size doesn’t seem to be doing anything). Also, I love the black toolbar at the top of the Instamate Example page (above) that has the twitter, facebook, and vimeo buttons along with a search bar on it. I can’t figure out how to get that one. I have searched countless plugins and widgets and I cant find one quite like it. If you have any info that might be helpful to me, I would REALLY appreciate it! Thank you!

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