Introducing ReMag – a Magazine Theme for WordPress for Limitless Visual Storytelling

Have you ever wanted to make your portfolio, blog, or website look like a real life magazine? Our new ReMag theme for WordPress turns your vision into a reality. ReMag is versatile, modern and responsive, so it will look great across all devices. Let’s dig a little deeper…

Don’t like to read? Explore the ReMag theme demo or buy ReMag now. Here’s an early bird coupon valid only until July 30: REMAGLAUNCH. Don’t forget, all of our themes and plugins come with a full 30-day refund policy and one full year of outstanding support from a great team of devoted developers.

We built ReMag with storytelling in mind so that you build an engaging visual narrative from post to post. You could make a one-of-a-kind blog, portfolio, or business website all from the same theme. Check out all the customization options you have:

Magazine cover homepage design – Just like a real magazine.
Book Style Responsive Magazine Theme WordPress
Book-style navigation – Super cool. Just like flipping through a real book.
ReMag Book Magazine Theme
Large images – Bigger is better.
Big photos WordPress Theme

Full-page videos – Combine images and video seamlessly.
Fullscreen Video WordPress Theme
Quote post formats – Add some flare with thoughtful quotes
Big Quote Magazine WordPress Theme

Column layouts to create a familiar “book” design– Really easy reading.
Photography website
Minimized Navigation Menu – Menu gets out of the way so your multimedia can shine.
Mobile WordPress Theme

Features You Will Love

All of our WordPress themes come with these time saving and easy to use features:

  • Responsive Design – The world isn’t tied to one device anymore, neither should your website. It works on all devices.
  • Custom Fonts & Colors – Time saving on the fly customization comes standard with all of our themes
  • Custom Logos & Backgrounds – Another standard feature, this theme lends itself to brand building & brand recognition.
  • Galleries – Make your extensive photo collections known.

To get the full impact you really should check out the demo.

Pick up a copy of ReMag before the coupon expires.

34 responses to “Introducing ReMag – a Magazine Theme for WordPress for Limitless Visual Storytelling”

  1. Alan Smith Avatar

    Nice theme. I really like Column layout features to create a familiar “book” design.

  2. Arkthus Avatar

    Would have been better if it was full page

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      To each his own. The framing was done intentionally to resemble a book and so that the menu, arrows and dot navigation do not overlap the content. You can easily customize the width and height of the containing div to any width/height you prefer using CSS.

  3. Chris Giles Avatar
    Chris Giles

    Once I’ve clicked on a thumbnail on a gallery page to reveal a full size image, how do I then navigate back to the main gallery page?? thanks

    1. Meghan Gallagher Avatar
      Meghan Gallagher

      I have the same question, when in the gallery post I dont understand how to get back to the beginning of the post.

      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        We’re looking into a solution for this. Since the theme uses “hashes” for post urls, it’s sorta tricky.

  4. Alexander Torrado Avatar
    Alexander Torrado

    Nice theme. Do you think is your best theme to create a Photo E-book? How can I protect content (photos and videos) to be downloaded?


    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Alexander, have you seen our Sell Media plugin? It sounds like it might work perfect for the use case you describe. Sell Media is theme agnostic – it works with many themes. https://graphpaperpress.com/plugins/sell-media/

  5. Meghan Gallagher Avatar
    Meghan Gallagher

    Hi Thad, great looking theme! Question – could I set up a homepage slideshow or homepage full width gallery and have the blog page as a seperate navigation? Also, what do individual galleries look like? I need to seperate out my portfolio and wondering how that works here. Thanks!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Meghan,

      The homepage of this theme doesn’t contain a slideshow. Many of our other themes do (Albedo, StoryTeller, etc): https://graphpaperpress.com/themes/

      Individual galleries look like this: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/remag/#8

      This theme uses Post Formats to create the look and feel of status posts, blockquotes, galleries, images, etc. You could create a “Portfolio” category and post portfolio entries in that category.

  6. allfive Avatar

    The nav menu disappears on page view and can’t be recalled in iPad demo.

    1. maharzan Avatar

      Do you see a menu icon on the top left corner? That reveals the menu. Sorry if that was not intuitive. We will rethink on that. Thanks for your feedback.

  7. allfive Avatar

    The nav menu disappears on page view and can’t be recalled in iPad demo.

  8. Cathy Burrell Avatar
    Cathy Burrell

    can you please show a gallery? I love this theme but would like to see several images in a gallery format.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Please see above 🙂

  9. Jack Avatar

    Thad, I love the new theme. I am a photographer and am looking for this look. However, you state above it has “galleries” but don’t show any that I can find. Could you please upload the gallery view with a selection of pictures so I might have an idea how that is before purchasing? Ideally this is perfect if I could have several galleries. Thank you. Can’t wait to see. 🙂

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Here is a gallery post format:


      The Featured Image for the post becomes the background of the text content and the images are shown in a grid on the right of the page.

  10. Nikita Gaidouk Avatar
    Nikita Gaidouk

    No Blog = No Website…
    is it possible to see what the blog looks like on this template?

    The Gallery page is interesting, but its so slow.. no ajax, no light box, I have to go to a complete new page every new photo. this is madness! Specially for someone with a slower connection.

    I am using Chrome on osx10.8 and everything is buggy, pieces of information cut off, letters appear in the “next arrow” i get jitter in scrolling.

    1. maharzan Avatar

      Hi Nikita,

      All of it is a blog, thus we don’t have a blog template. There are different post formats and they just show up with unique designs. We are simply trying to use WordPress default functionalities for gallery. You can obviously install plugins for a lightbox feature.

      Please do note that just like a magazine needs a bit of thinking on how to layout the content, this theme will require a similar approach. I am sorry if its chunky for you. I also use Chrome and it looks smooth on me. Please do note that you have to load less posts as if you have a lot of content and images, the loading might be very slow.

      The “next arrow” is deliberate to let users know that you are on the last post of that “page” so click that next arrow will load another page.

      Thanks for your feedback. We will keep improving on the features.


      1. Nikita Gaidouk Avatar
        Nikita Gaidouk

        I see.

        just about the arrow, i dont understand why you would want to make those letters on the arrow, that look as if they were cut off and badly designed, instead of simply removing the last “next button”.

        could you not supply an option for lightbox?

        Using Ajax does not load all the content at once into one space, it will – understandably pile up on the page though… but yet again this theme was never really built for anything big, I doubt anyone would have 1 gallery more than 50 images. (possible – that’s just generally not advisable)

        1. maharzan Avatar

          We can easily hide the text if you don’t like it. 🙂 For lightbox, you can use a plugin.

          You can implement ajax as well but that might just add in more complex codes. We will think about this for future versions.

  11. Dillion Dillionaire Phiri Avatar
    Dillion Dillionaire Phiri

    Maybe use this http://magazine1.suitupordie.com/ as inspiration to make it better, it has potential as a theme but more is needed.

    1. maharzan Avatar

      Thanks for sharing Dillion. It looks pretty good. 🙂

  12. akira Avatar

    Simple and beautiful theme.

    I wonder if I want to creat full-page gallery like UNO theme,
    do I need numbers of posts with feature image?

  13. Anthony Avatar


    This is a beautiful theme. I’d really like to use it. On a desktop it looks amazing. I’m not sure it’s working very well on my iPad at the moment (menu items are cut in half, pages are only split in two with navigation disappearing) I’d love to buy it otherwise. I’ll keep checking back to see how it’s going.


  14. Sean Orfila Avatar
    Sean Orfila

    Whatup Thad… thanks for the rad themes. This one is a game changer, but I’m having problems logging into the dashboard and keep being denied access.. not sure why. I bought the yearly subscription back in October so I should be golden. I’m being directed to this error message:

    “Access Denied

    If you feel that you have been blocked in error, you may notify the Admin and ask to placed on the system white list. This site’s admin will be notified and can review the reason why you were blocked.

    Please ask nicely to be admitted here.”

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Our spam catcher was too strong. You should be able to access it now.

  15. jwdbiz Avatar

    Hi, I love the look of this theme, what I would like to learn more
    about is how the archiving of editions works – e.g. This looks like it
    works very well for a monthly website magazine, but what happens when it
    comes to next month and we want to add a new edition and archive the
    older one? Does this theme allow this and how? Any examples I can take a
    look at?

  16. jwdbiz Avatar

    Does anyone know if REMAG theme will work with IssueM (http://issuem.com/) e.g. allowing one to create editions of the website which get archived nicely?

  17. Map Avatar

    Hi, I love the look of this theme, what I would like to learn more
    about is how the archiving of editions works. It’s very interesting. Really thank you.

    1. The LOEYW Avatar
      The LOEYW

      I would love to know the answer to this questions as well. Please advise 🙂

  18. haresh Avatar

    The completely stylish and elegant design theme with customization and specially “Minimized Navigation Menu” design make theme more interactive perfect..http://shayari.org.in/

  19. Heidi Hu Avatar
    Heidi Hu

    nice theme, but i can not set the header image. i followed your instructions, but it just does not appear on front page. please help!

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