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Sell Photo Reprints without the Middle Man

Our Photo Reprints extension for the Sell Media plugin for WordPress will simplify the way you sell images and free you from third party websites. This extension allows you to sell both downloadable files and photo reprints from your WordPress site—no middlemen involved—and print and ship them directly to your customers. You can create an unlimited number of reprint size options and print the images yourself, or send them to your preferred print vendor of choice.

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More Control = More Freedom

When you activate the Photo Reprints extension, you’ll immediately transform your WordPress site from a portfolio and blogging platform into the hub of your online business. Sell any image you upload to WordPress as either a digital download, a photo reprint or both. Break the chains of third party websites and spend more time creating and sharing your work.

Download the Photo Reprints extension.

79 responses to “Sell Photo Reprints without the Middle Man”

  1. steamsynthetic Avatar

    Any updates on to adding collections to posts or pages easier? Those of us that do large events with lots of photos would appreciate this.

    1. steamsynthetic Avatar

      Basically, Collections need a unique shortcode so I can add them to pages/posts…

      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        Collections and single photos in Sell Media have their own page. There is no need use shortcode just to display them. For example, here is a single item: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/sell-media/items/surf-008/
        And here is a collection archive page: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/sell-media/collection/surfing/
        That said, if you do want to display single items on an post or page, you can optionally use the shortcode located below the post on the Edit screen. You can also embed a gallery of images using WordPress’ core Gallery feature.

        1. steamsynthetic Avatar

          Problem with that is, If I want to post an article, and have a gallery of images that I want to sell on that post, I cant attach a gallery of images using the sell media plugin. The wordpress core gallery will not link to the photo attachment page that sell media uses to sell photos. If it did, there would be little issue left.

        2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          You could easily insert one or two or many images and link them to the actual Sell Media Collection or Single page.

        3. steamsynthetic Avatar

          I revisit this plugin every few months to see if there are improvements and its gone incredibly far and I continue to monitor its progress and am astounded. Its a great plugin for people selling small amounts of images such as a single focused piece of art. Unfortunately, I deal with hundreds of images at a time. I will actually be using it on a separate site for selling individual artwork pieces but for the event photography site, its not quite there. Add my suggestions to your request list:

          1.) Do not use the built in WordPress core system for image management or give us the option to use a separate library for the sellmedia images. When adding large amounts of images to collections, I sometimes do not want to sort through images that were uploaded for things like post thumbnails when sorting, which can be deterring when dealing with a large volume.
          2.) Collection editor. Let us sort out which images are in collections, and which ones aren’t so when I bulk upload images, and forget to put them into collections I can easily see them in the library. Much like the flickr manager (the website, not a plugin).
          3.) Short codes for collections. As far as a better example, unfortunately I can only refer to nextgen, which I am not a fan of. But when your editing a post/page, they have a nifty little plugin in the wysiwyg editor to choose an image, gallery (collection), or album to insert. Theres short codes for images already, add the collection short codes and add that nifty widget, and you will see customers pouring in thanking you for an alternative to nextgen that allows you to sell images.
          4.) Hey albums would be cool to nest groups of collections.

          The page structure for the images is fine, totally cool with having images have their own page structure ( I actually prefer it). I just need the ability to make a gallery of images that I can insert into a post or page along with a lot of content, easily, with out having to search for lots of short codes for a large number of images.

          Compliment (Because I know my request sounded harsh, please dont take it that way, I’ve just suffered through months of finding a service that works for selling event photography…) – The Reprint service is AWESOME. Great job on that.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We added the ability to bulk upload photos and assign them to a specific collection a couple versions ago. Each collection has it’s own archive page, like the Surfing Collection here: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/sell-media/collection/surfing/

  2. Luke Avatar

    Can you elaborate at all or demo what companies you can integrate with to have fulfillment completed? This is a huge selling point and I just need to know how this process works before I go all in on an Unlimited License.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      This extension is vendor agnostic. You recieve order notifications via email, then you send the print order to whatever print vendor you prefer. Finally, either you or the print vendor ship the prints to the customer.

  3. Paaren Avatar

    If you want to sell Panoramic’s and 8×10’s and any other odd sized prints. How do you prevent people from choosing sizes that don’t correspond with the image aspect ratio?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Currently all images inherit the default sizes you choose on the Settings page. We’ll be adding size and price groups, which can be assigned to specific images, in an update soon.

      1. Paaren Avatar

        thanks, I will be eagerly awaiting this update. I bought the plugin but i need that feature.

        1. Paaren Avatar

          How far off is the size and price groups feature? this is currently stopping me from being able to use the plugin. patiently waiting

  4. Will Matthews Avatar

    Can you please tell me the wordpress template you have used to create your http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/sell-media/collection/surfing/

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      The Twenty Twelve theme, which is packaged in all WordPress installs.

  5. Jenny Lens Avatar

    I want to vary pricing depending upon photo subjects. Plus SALES for some items (which I could out into their own group, yes?). Will that ‘update’ COST additional money for those of us who buy now??? ANY idea if one week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months for this update? That’s the number one thing I need: varied pricing. (AND csv upload/download for pricing, item number, description, etc. Esp useful for sales! Are you considering csv capabilities?) Thanks!

  6. Jenny Lens Avatar

    I want to vary pricing depending upon photo subjects. Plus SALES for some items (which I could out into their own group, yes?). Will that ‘update’ COST additional money for those of us who buy now??? ANY idea if one week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months for this update? That’s the number one thing I need: varied pricing. (AND csv upload/download for pricing, item number, description, etc. Esp useful for sales! Are you considering csv capabilities?) Thanks!

  7. Jenny Lens Avatar

    1) Can we assign ‘Pin it’ type button/link for every photo? I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. When we pin an image, and include a price in their caption, Pinterest will link the image to our page/post. Plus put a banner on the top left of the image IN Pinterest indicating it’s for sell. I MUST be able to add some kind of ‘pin it’ button/link to every photo. That also allows MY visitors to pin my photos on their boards. 2) NOT clear what kind of modification we can do to the photos after we add them, hit the sell box, they are moved to YOUR whatever (no idea what you meant by all that, just so it shows up in YOUR settings), then do we have access to further modification? 3) Can we display caption info, not just filename? I assume we include that in media settings. I always include more info, and not just in the meta tags/keywords. Thanks!

  8. Jenny Lens Avatar

    1) Will ‘update’ (for varying prices per collection) COST additional money for those of us who buy now?

    2) ANY idea if one week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months for this update?

    3) Can we assign ‘Pin it’ type button/link for every photo? I MUST be able to add some kind of ‘pin it’ button/link to every photo.

    4) ANY modification after we upload, hit sell box, moved to display in yr settings … then do we have access to further modification?

    5) Can we display caption info, not just filename? I assume we include that in the media settings. Caption, description, not just in meta tags/keywords. Will THAT info display?

    6) Are you considering csv capabilities? Upload/download for pricing, item number, description, etc.

    7) Thanks, could be exactly what I want/need! Or not … used yr themes in the past and not a happy camper. Can’t remember which, but too many cropped to the middle of an image. Not cool cutting off Clash singer/songwriter Joe Strummer’s head.

    8) I never got any tech support fro GPP. Money and time wasted. Not willing or able to do that again. BUT I need/want something like what you are doing. I’ve used LOTS of ecommerce platforms. Their fees are rather outrageous. Now using free ecwid, but it’s inelegant, no tech support, and shipping options don’t work.

    Thanks and have a great day! 😉

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Jenny,

      1. No.
      2. 1 month
      3. We will be releasing a “Stock Photography” theme next month that integrates with Sell Media and includes a “lightbox” button so your visitors can pin photos they want to buy. Looks like I just spilled the beans. Oops!
      4. Please restate your question. I don’t understand what you are asking.
      5. Yes, include a caption for the photo in the metadata and it will display.
      6. Not currently.
      7. Cropping is handled by WordPress according to the sizes you specify on the Settings -> Media page. Sell Media respects the aspect ratio of all images.
      8. That’s odd, because I have emailed/corresponded with you in the past regarding some questions.

      G’day too!

      1. msw Avatar

        I’ve had reasonably good customer support from GPP. Sometimes I’ve had to rephrase the question or elaborate to get the answer I’m looking for but your support has always stayed with me until a satisfactory answer was delivered. Many Thanks!

  9. David Taylor Avatar
    David Taylor

    Will the Sell Media Plugin work for ANY WordPress theme, or only on Graph Paper Press themes? I currently use Photoshelter, and it would be great to cut off my monthly payment to them and handle it in-house, but I like my current theme (not a GPP theme…).
    Thanks! The plugin looks great, btw.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi David,
      It works with any WordPress theme. That said, we make sure our themes work well with it. We also have some big things in the works for creating unique themes that cater to Sell Media.

      1. David Taylor Avatar
        David Taylor

        Excellent. I just purchased, downloaded, and installed the ‘Reprints’ extension as well. I’ll have to wait until you upgrade to allow ‘Size and Pricing Groups’ though, in order to have the functionality I need.
        Is there a way, or can you implement a change to allow us to change the title of the tab, from “Reprints” to “Prints” or another custom name. Please hurry with the update for the size/price groups – I hate having this functionality nearly there AND paying PhotoShelter a monthly fee 😀 Thanks again!

  10. Chris Smith Avatar

    Is there any way to have password protected galleries. I have a Tae Kwon Do club with very young members and my clients (parents) are quite happy having the photos protected. I’d like to be able to keep that option and use this theme. My current setup is very clunky and not as clean as I’d like it. This is thus far looking to fit the bill.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Currently galleries (we call them “collections” in Sell Media so there is no confusion between WordPress’ default “gallery” features) can be marked as “hidden”. This doesn’t password protect them, it merely hides them from being listed on archive pages. That said, we are definitely adding the ability to password protect entire collections. You can currently password protect individual images.

  11. Matt Avatar

    How do customers pay? How do I get paid?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Customers pay via Paypal (either log into their account or pay with Credit Card). Payments arrive in your Paypal account, which you can deposit directly to your bank account whenever you like.

  12. shfaya Avatar

    Do all photos have to have the same prices and sizes as prints. I sell photos devided in regular and the best. Obviously the best are more expensive but somehow I don’t find the possibility to do it with this plugin?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Size/Price Groups are planned in a future release of Sell Media. This will allow you to assign a specific price group to either a single image or a collection of images.

      1. David Taylor Avatar
        David Taylor

        Any update on when this will be in place?

  13. shfaya Avatar

    Will there be possibility to pay with credit card or paypal only?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Users can pay with credit card at Paypal (without creating a Paypal account).

  14. Will Austin Avatar

    Sorry, I asked this question on the wrong page, so adding here now –
    Can I limit the Photo Reprints plugin to just one page of my site? I want one dedicated page only for my print sales. I thought about using Big Cartel but they aren’t very WordPress friendly it seems.

    Thanks, Will

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hey Will, here is what you could do:

      Create a new Collection called “Prints” and add photos to it. Then, just make sure the photos in that Collection have the “only sell prints” checkbox checked.

      We do plan on changing the checkbox to a YES/NO field so you can disable selling prints on certain images in the next update to the Photo Reprints extension.

      1. Will Austin Avatar

        Great, thanks Thad!

  15. Peter Llewellyn Avatar
    Peter Llewellyn

    Can anyone help with getting this plugin to work? I have created a test selling page at http://www.peterllewellyn.com/items/test-page-to-sell-prints/ but when you add this item to the cart and then click on checkout there is nothing on the checkout page.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      You are using the wrong shortcode on the checkout page. Use this:[sell_media_checkout]

      1. Peter Llewellyn Avatar
        Peter Llewellyn

        Many thanks – the underscores in the shortcode do not seem to be there on the instructions page, as quoted below

        Shortcodes are small snippets of code that when added to a Post, Page
        or Widget add functionality to your site. You must add the following
        shortcodes to your preferred Pages to use Sell Media:

        Checkout Shortcode – (REQUIRED) Create a page called “Checkout” and add this shortcode to it: [sellmediacheckout]

        Thanks Shortcode – (REQUIRED) Create a page called “Thanks” and add this shortcode to it: [sellmediathanks]

        Buy Button Shortcode – (OPTIONAL) Used for displaying specific items for sale: [sellmediabuy_button]

        Search Form Shortcode – (OPTIONAL) Used to display a search form exclusively for searching items for sale within Sell Media: [sellmediasearchform]

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Odd, that looks like a bug in our instructions page. There should be underscores (_) separating each word like this: [sell_media_checkout] We’ll get that fixed.

  16. Peter Llewellyn Avatar
    Peter Llewellyn


    I want to be able to sell an ebook in pdf format as a download. I have been trying to do this but now I have the Sell Reprints extension added there seems to be no way to have an item for sale without all the various print sizes being available. Obviously there are no print sizes for this single item. Is there a way to do this with Sell Media?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      You do not need the reprints extension to do this. Just use the Sell media plugin.

      1. Peter Llewellyn Avatar
        Peter Llewellyn

        Hi Thad – I get that I only need Sell Media to achieve this but I want to sell both single priced items, licensed items, and self fullfillment prints, only not to offer every option for each item. If I have items for sale as reprints I need to have the Sell Reprints option activated, but once this is on then all items have the option for print sizes which obviously does not apply to an ebook. I see there is a way to turn off downloads but is there a way to offer an item as download only and not have it available for reprints as well.

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          We’re adding this functionality to the next version of reprints (opt in/opt out).

  17. Missy Diaz Avatar

    Hi, Thad:

    I am playing with the plugin as I want to sell photos, but when I look at a preview of the product page – it looks very bad. The image is too big and the rest of my site does not show up properly. I have a screenshot of what I am referring to below, please take a look.

    Let me know if its my WP theme that is causing the problem?



    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Missy,

      Sell Media inherits the default styling of your theme, so, if things aren’t looking good, you would need to apply the necessary changes to your theme itself. Usually it’s just a simple CSS change. If you are dead set on using your current theme, don’t know CSS, but want to use Sell Media, you could reach out to one of our theme customizers to see if they can help you out:


  18. Peter Llewellyn Avatar
    Peter Llewellyn

    Hi Thad

    Got things mostly working. One thing I can’t quite figure out is why the Original Price shows on the item page beside the size. This seems counterintutive to me as it seems to show the customer the image is available for download at that price, when in fact it is not, I only want to license the image for use. As an example please see the page at http://www.peterllewellyn.com/items/blue-tit-parus-caerulus/

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hey Peter,

      If I understand your question correctly, you’re requesting the ability to control whether the image is available as a Print, Download or Both on a per-image-basis. Correct? If so, I have good news: The next version includes this functionality. We’re sending out this update today.

  19. Egeberg Avatar

    I INSTALLED sell media Reprint.

    I have completed a few test purchases and it works fine.

    But when I get a reply message either through paypal or under payments in Sell media, I can not see what is purchased only the name of the picture, but not size or number?

    I have setup a IPN Notifications

    // Allan

    1. Allan Egeberg Avatar
      Allan Egeberg

      This is the info I get
      Se pic.

      1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        Please see my comment above. This has been fixed.

    2. Egeberg Avatar

      I do use a Sandbox test accounts

    3. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We fixed this yesterday and will be sending out the update today. Thanks for reporting it!

      1. egeberg Avatar

        Yes now I get the rigt info.
        Thanks 😉

  20. Craig Cacchioli Avatar
    Craig Cacchioli

    Does the plugin (or any of it’s extensions) allow the use of coupon/voucher codes to allow users to get a discount? If not, then are there plans to do so?

    I would like to see functionality that allows item specific % or $ discount as well as entire cart discount.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We have plans for a coupon code system that will work with both reprints and downloads. It should be completed in the next couple of months.

      1. Craig Cacchioli Avatar
        Craig Cacchioli

        Excellent. I look forward to the announcement!

  21. kikogarci Avatar

    Is it possible to translate it? Are there more payment metods available?

    1. Pavol Avatar

      Regarding payment methods, would there be a way to add an offline-payment, where your client pays you other way than PayPal? It would require a possibility to manually clear the payment from the payment section.

  22. Chris McCoy Avatar

    we are using this plugin, but we have no idea what file is going to be printed since it doesnt send any of this data in the email the only information that is being sent is Item/Product Number: 1c315200b7224151ba144475ecec49f0

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Chris, this issue was fixed a long time ago. Perhaps you are using an old version of the plugin. You can update automatically by installing GPP Plugin Updates: https://graphpaperpress.com/plugins/gpp-plugin-updates/

      1. Paaren Avatar

        On the paypal receipt for the customer the only references to the reprint they purchased is a number string 1c315200b7224151ba14447…..is this so? should it not say what they bought? the email to the seller has the product info with proper name

  23. friv 3 Avatar

    1 minute 32 seconds, do not understand why I can not watch this video.

  24. David Taylor Avatar
    David Taylor

    Any update on the ‘update’ that will allow for different ‘size/price’ groupings? Until this becomes available, I’m kind of stuck with PhotoShelter… not where I want to be anymore.

    1. David Taylor Avatar
      David Taylor

      Anyone? Bueller?

  25. James Avatar

    Coupons. Really need to be able to sell and use coupons with this plugin! Any update? Beta groups?

  26. Paaren Avatar

    I see you added price groups to the sell media plugin (1.5.1) for people who wish to sell their images as a download file only . Are we going to see price groups for “Reprints”? I don’t want to have my files downloaded but I would like price groups for selling Reprints. When there was talk of price groups….I was thinking price groups would change both downloads and reprints together…..two birds one stone. Can you add this as an enhancement? or is that the next step of the price group process.

  27. franciscojfm Avatar

    Hi. Well, first of all I don’t know if this is the right place to talk about problems/errors… Is it?
    Anyway I do see this is the right place to ask about new features and improvements. I want to buy the Reprints Extension, but 90% of my customers prefer to get their photos by email and pay in the post office when they get them. Is there going to be anytime soon the option for offline payments? I just can’t use Sell Media without other payment options!

  28. Ted Avatar

    Any way to mark a bunch of uploaded photos at “Sell” rather than doing each one separately? I guess a batch edit function?

  29. Ashfaque Ali Avatar
    Ashfaque Ali

    If I use this plugin so then, can other persons upload their pics/photos and sale them.

    Something like…
    A registered member come at my site, login and upload their photos and sale them.

    Is there plugin that you may suggest me..please reply asap.

  30. Arta Avatar

    Sounds like a great plugin system. I use free wordpress themes and ElegantThemes though – does it work well there?

  31. alanna25 Avatar

    By looking at the screenshot and the backend of the free Sell Media plugin, there doesn’t seem to be the ability to collect tax. Is this offered in the Photo Reprints extension? Cannot find any information on this.

    1. Kalki Gillespie Avatar

      You can add tax in sell media. But in general you don’t have to collect tax on digital goods.

  32. Shawn KOPPENHOEFER Avatar

    Is there an automated way so that reprint orders are sent directly to photo labs without my intervention?.. something like the global Print Vendor Network that Photoshelter offers?

    Or do we still need to do that ourselves, with this solution?

  33. Paaren Avatar

    nudge, nudge, you added price groups to the sell media plugin (4 months ago) Are we going
    to see the same price groups concept for “Reprints plugin” anytime soon? I don’t want to have my files
    downloaded but I would like price groups for selling Reprints. I want to sell sizes that are not normal camera aspect ratios and be able to turn off sizes that you cannot buy.

    1. Paaren Avatar

      Further info….after reading you have added price groups to reprints….I have version sell media 1.6.3 and reprints plugin version 1.0……I
      have image downloads disabled because I just want to sell reprints….My
      sell media price groups created with their own specific sizes do not
      get reflected in the reprints purchase pop-up….it still brings up all
      the same stock reprints sizes original with the original reprints
      extension install…….am i doing something wrong or is there a glitch?
      when you go the item page you see the proper sizes specified for that
      price group but when you hit purchase none of those sizes are available.
      Make sense?

  34. pravin Avatar

    Hi i want plugin in word press for sell images or photo online when customer done payment throw paypal then customer get download link of particular image , so i want plugin for these task

  35. Friv Para Avatar

    Thank you for sharing with us. I really needed it I will share with my friends

  36. paaren Avatar

    Would it be possible to turn off image downloads to the sell media plugin and make it work for reprints only? ……that way the reprints could have price groups. I need the ability to limit the size options per item which the price groups functionality solves.

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