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Introducing the Sell Photos Theme for WordPress – Boldly Understated. Simply Selling.

Sell Photos WordPress theme

Our new “Sell Photos” theme makes it easy to manage your portfolio, blog and photography store in one central location. The boldly understated design and optional e-commerce integration via our Sell Media plugin makes it an ideal solution for entrepreneurial creatives looking to grow and expand their online business.

Don’t feel like reading? Explore the Sell Photos demo now or Buy Sell Photos now. Here’s an early bird coupon valid for 24 hours only: SELLPHOTOSLAUNCH Don’t forget, all of our themes and plugins come with a full 30-day refund policy and 1 full year of outstanding support from a great team of devoted developers.

Sell Photos WordPress theme

Our users love the core functionality of our Stock Photography theme so much that we decided to add it to our new Sell Photos theme too. With some added features:

  • Left column navigation – In addition to your photographs getting all the glory from maximum screen space, your website will mimic major e-commerce sites.
  • Slideshow on the home page – Showcase your best photos in the home page slideshow. Add as many slides as you like. All slides can link anywhere within your site. Impressive!
  • Easy to find advanced search field – Search takes ready-to-buy customers directly to what they are looking for. More money in your wallet!
  • Infinite Price Groups – Charge different clients different prices? No problem. Infinite control over how you price your products.

Sell Photos with WordPress ThemeWhy left column navigation? Aside from the fact that it gives you more screen space for your photos, it increases sales. (Don’t believe us? Check out any major e-commerce website. There’s a reason that these billion dollar companies use left column navigation. The reason? It sells.)

Why did we give you the option of a home page slideshow with unlimited slides? This was the number one feature request for our Stock Photography theme. We made sure to include it with the Sell Photos theme. It looks great with all of the extra space we freed up with the left column navigation. Your clients will be able to interact with your photos the moment they hit your site.

Why did we make the search field easier to find? You customers want your photos. They want them fast. Search is the way to get them to what they want the fastest. Happy customers. Happy you.

Why did we add infinite price groups?  You guys saw so many creative ways to use our Sell Media plugin that we had to add this feature to fit your imagination. Now you are no longer limited to three price groups. You can charge whatever you want, however you want.

Now that you know what’s new, explore the demo. Use the early bird discount valid for 24 hours only: SELLPHOTOSLAUNCH

Sell Photos with WordPress

Deeply Integrated Blog, Portfolio and Online Store

This theme is not just for selling photos. You can manage your blog, portfolio and business all from the same place. Having one centralized place to manage all aspects of your business is simply smart. The days spent managing multiple websites just to run your business are over.

There’s just a ton of possibilities if  you think about it.

Explore the demo. Use the early bird discount valid for 24 hours only: SELLPHOTOSLAUNCH

We have a huge knowledge-base and all of our themes come with tutorials, one full year of free access to support and a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

58 responses to “Introducing the Sell Photos Theme for WordPress – Boldly Understated. Simply Selling.”

  1. Jon Avatar

    The one feature I’m looking, I didn’t see. The ability to deliver a resized stock photo purchase for download.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Jon, that functionality is definitely included (it’s part of the free Sell Media plugin, which integrates with this theme).

  2. Jonas Carlson Avatar
    Jonas Carlson

    It scales badly on Firefox on a PC. When on a big screen the menu goes to mobile to soon.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into this and fix it.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Thanks for reporting. We’ll look into this and fix it.

  3. Mathew Porter Avatar

    Could be a great oulet for some of our clients who are photographers who wish to have an extra outlet for income.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      This is exactly why we built this 🙂

  4. Alexander Avatar

    Hi, If I understood well, with this theme I can do the same as Stock Photography theme and more? I asked because I want to sell photos from multiple contributors and pay them commisions.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      The Sell Photos and Stock Photography themes contain very similar functionality, but are pretty different designs.

  5. Alexander Avatar

    Hi, If I understood well, with this theme I can do the same as Stock Photography theme and more? I asked because I want to sell photos from multiple contributors and pay them commisions.

  6. Darren Avatar

    Looks great…would this equally work for video clips?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yes, it works with anything your can upload into WordPress. But please note: Many of the features contained in this theme are specific to image metadata/exif. This was built to work with images best and we haven’t fully tested with other types of media. Simply upload the video (or zip it up first) and assign a Featured Image to each item you want to sell.

      1. Darren Avatar

        Thanks very much!

  7. Shalom Ormsby Avatar

    Cool theme. I like the minimal aesthetic. Three questions: 1) What are the font options? 2) It seems to perform well on the iPhone – is it technically a responsive theme? 3) Is there a masonry layout option, or are the thumbs all fixed pixel dimensions displayed on a fixed grid?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Hi Shalom, glad you like it!

      1. Please see the image attached. It lists all custom fonts included in the theme.
      2. Yes, it’s a responsive design.
      3. Thumbnails are displayed in a fluid grid. There is no masonry layout.

      1. Shalom Ormsby Avatar

        Thanks for your quick answers. Where’s the attached font image? I’m not finding it. I’m guessing there’s no Google Font support, or is there?

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Here are the Fonts

      2. Shalom Ormsby Avatar

        One more question: Can this theme easily integrate with WooCommerce, or does it only work with Sell Media?

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          It only works with Sell Media.

  8. David Stephenson Avatar
    David Stephenson

    Since there is not a support forum set up for this yet, I’ll have to ask this here. I was creating my site using the Stock Photography theme and decided to try this one to see if I like it better. The FIRST thing I noticed is how incredibly SOFT the images are in the home page slideshow. I’m a long-time GPP theme user and my other sites do not have this problem, even with the same image files. I have tried the GPP image quality plugin but I don’t see a huge difference and it significantly slows down the already image-heavy (slow) site. What’s the best practice for best image quality for this theme?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Make sure your images settings are set to the right size (see readme.txt) and that you’re uploading an image at least 1200 px wide.

      1. David Stephenson Avatar
        David Stephenson

        I can’t for the life of me find that information in the readme.txt. You are referring to Dashboard>Settings>Media, yes?

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          Yes, Dashboard -> Settings -> Media. You might need to Regenerate Thumbnails if you activated this theme (image sizes are assigned on a per-theme-basis). http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

        2. David Stephenson Avatar
          David Stephenson

          Ok I understand where to do this, but still can’t find the correct sizes. What should the three sizes be for optimal performance for Sell PHotos? If it’s in the readme.txt, then it is too obscure for me to find.

  9. David Stephenson Avatar
    David Stephenson

    Additionally, I can’t find how to set the image that shows in the “Collection” thumbnail. In Stock Photography, it was the most recently uploaded image that appeared in the thumb. But now in Sell Photos, that’s not the case. I want to designate the photo in the Collection thumb but can’t figure how.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Make sure you are using the latest version of Sell Media and you can upload/assign an image to the Collection.

      1. David Stephenson Avatar
        David Stephenson

        Thanks. I just noticed the update and installed it. I also noticed the new ability to sort by Collection and Price Group, too. THANK. YOU. Now if only we can bulk edit pricing (after upload)??? 🙂 Thanks for the hard work. I look forward to showing it off soon.

        1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

          You can bulk assign price groups during the bulk upload process. Bulk editing price groups should be available soon.

  10. Alberto Avatar

    Great Theme, a new step to excellence. I see you’ve implmented many improvements. Just some questions:

    1. Portfolios: With this new Theme, may I differentiate my PORTFOLIOS (small sets of pictures organized around a subject that show the best of my work) from COLLECTIONS (huge sets of pictures that I want to sell)?

    2. Have you implemented a gallery to show the Portfolios (with buttons and thumbnails to go from one picture to another) and review the pictures as a continuous experience (not one by one)? This is important as the behaviour of a person who wants to BUY pictures is very different from a person who want to REVIEW the work of a photographer to hire him/her. The gallery of the initial slideshow is nice (pictures are big), could I use it as a gallery in a Portfolios section?

    3. Are all thumbnails SQUARE in this Theme as they were in Stock Photography Theme?

    4. Advertising: do you have Ads Widgets integrated with the Blog section of the Theme, or will we have to use Text Widgets to add ads?

    5. I read long time ago that left column navigation presented problems for Google bot to read and index a web site, so all the Themes became right column navigation. Do you know if that point has been solved?

    6. What’s the advantage of left column navigation? The column has the same size, so it’s only a matter of having a “modern” design… or is it something I’m missing?

    Thanks in advance, Alberto.

    1. Rogier Avatar

      Yes, I agree with nr 2. Easily navigating through a collection with a colorbox or something similar and adding the photo you like to your lightbox…. I would be extremely happy with that.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Glad you like the theme!

      1. Yes. Create a new category for Posts called “Portfolio” and upload all pictures you want to that category. Then, you can add a menu link to that specific “Portfolio” category in your main menu. All posts support a variety of post formats (gallery, image, link, etc)

      2. We are adding image navigation to the next version.
      3. Yes, all thumbnails are square (better for design).
      4. No, but there are a lot of free plugins for managing ads in sidebars (this theme as a few widgetized areas).
      5. I haven’t ever heard this. I think Google is smart enough to solve this by now if it ever was an issue.
      6. It increases the main content area and also brings your content to the top, above “the fold” of the browser.

      1. Alberto Avatar

        2. This will be a HUGE advance. If I can give my opinion Sidewinder Theme style galleries is fast and stylish and images are shown big… Galleries for Portfolios are in my honest opinion, A MUST for a Theme for Photographers.
        3. I partly agree: better for design but not all the pictures can be cropped to a square to produce a meaningful thumbnail.

        Thanks Thad, Alberto.

      2. jvlphoto Avatar

        3. Yes , definitely better for design but not so great for clients. A lot of clients want to see the complete image in a thumbnail version. A square does not really show them what the image looks like. Can full thumbnails not be set into a square box like in the PhotoShelter themes?

  11. David Stephenson Avatar
    David Stephenson

    Need to show the price range for the photo without having to click the Purchase button. Below or above the Purchase button, should read something like “Starting at $xx.00” and show the lowest price assigned to the image.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      I agree. We’re adding this to the next version of Sell Photos and Stock Photography.

  12. jvlphoto Avatar

    In your read me file you mention that you can have a “Default Page – the default page template with an optional sidebar”, but I can’t find any option in the page setup, where to eliminate the sidebar?

  13. jvlphoto Avatar

    1 – It would be nice to have release information for images in the Sell Media Plugin where you can specify Released, Not Released, Property Release, For Editorial Use Only, etc.
    2 – Is there someway to specify image size in the pricing structure. Not width and height but simply total image size?

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      1. I agree. We’ll add this to Sell Media.
      2. No. Just height/width.

  14. yepi 10 Avatar

    i look picture just wonderful!

  15. jvlphoto Avatar

    1. On your Demo Site the theme has no sidebars at all except for the Single Image page. Is that an option? If it is how can I activate it?

    2. Can the thumbnails be edited to select a different part of the image?

    1. Alberto Avatar

      I agree 100%: if thumbnails have to be square beacuse of design, the capability of deciding at least which part of the image will be the thumbnail is compulsory. Otherwise the thumbs are not going to representative of the picture, and it’s the part of the photograph the client sees before deciding to click to see the full size image.

      1. jvlphoto Avatar

        I am now remaking all the Thumbnails that are not showing the images at their best in Photoshop.

      2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

        The client sees the full image on the single image page. Thumbnails are only shown on the archive and home pages.

    2. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      1. There is no optional sidebar. The sidebar only appears on the single image page.
      2. No. The thumbnails are square by default and cropped directly in the middle of the image.

  16. Terry Avatar

    I’m really trying to understand Sell Media theme and the plugin. I’ve downloaded the plugin and trying to understand it.

    1.) If I offer different pic sizes, do I need to upload a separate file for each size?
    2.) How does the file get delivered to the customer once they buy it. I suspect email. How does it know which file (size) to deliver?
    3.) Can you point me to a knowledge base article on this or help me figure this out and I’ll write the article so everyone can share it.

    Please get back with me. I’ve written this question is several different spots on the site, support, etc, but haven’t heard back. I’m sure is a super simple to explain I just am not seeing it as I work with the plugin.

    Once I get all these processes worked out I can move forward with a new site, buying the theme, plugins ext…

    [email protected]

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      1. No. The plugin generates all the different files for you based on the sizes you set on the Sell Media -> Settings page.
      2. Email. It’s just that smart. It’s in the code.
      3. We’re gathering all common questions and posting them in the FAQ section of the Sell Media plugin.

      Hope this helps!

  17. Packagingoftheworld Avatar

    I can’t seemed to find the “register” link for new users

  18. Meghan Avatar

    Thad – I have a somewhat unique idea for this theme. I am the administrator for the wholesale website for a national consumer goods company. I have a library of images and visual tools to help retailers sell our product and I’m looking to offer them always for free, but always with a password required to view the site. Do you think this theme would be a good solution? Thanks!

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sounds like it! We also have the “Free Downloads” extension which you might like (plus it will help grow your email subscriber list:


  19. Elijah Avatar

    Hi Thad. How about the support….? According to the threads below there is no support forum dedicated for this theme….

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      We created a forum for it shortly after releasing the theme. Support is for paid customers only.

  20. Elijah Avatar

    I’m a bit confused… it’s said a lot on the site that Sell Media is a Free plugin. If so where can I download it?
    if it is not free – can it be purchased and used on other wordpress themes? (the ones from theme forest for example?)
    Thanks you.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Sell Media is a free plugin and can be downloaded from the “Sell Media” link in the main navigation of our site above. http://graphpaperpress.com/plugins/sell-media/

      Sell Media can be used with other themes, but there might be styling issues that you’ll need to address.

  21. Mackylos Avatar

    The Absolute most important feature I require is watermarks on images. Can this theme overlay a watermark on each image before purchasing and allow the persons to purchase the watermark free version? I can’t seem to find any good options to do that.

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