WordPress.com Gets Awesome

Awesome WordPress themeWe’re thrilled to announce that our appropriately named “Awesome” theme is now available on WordPress.com. Here is how Automattic’s Kirk Wight describes the theme to their community:

Awesome is a theme that stuns from the start, with full-width images, video, and other post formats; bold yet elegant typography; and a strong visual balance.

Awesome is the third premium theme that we’ve released on WordPress.com. It is part of a collection of three WordPress.com themes we’ve released. Gridspace, our first premium WordPress.com theme, debuted with flying colors and quickly became a top 10 premium theme on the platform. We’ve also released Full Frame, a single column, full-width responsive theme for showcasing your beautiful images, galleries, videos from edge to edge.

Disclaimer: WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

While some of our themes are available on the WordPress.com platform, you cannot download themes from our site and add them to your WordPress.com site.  This is because WordPress.com and the software you download from WordPress.org are two entirely different platforms (although they do share a vast number of similarities). You can’t install new themes or plugins on WordPress.com.  For more info, please see this post or watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Download the WordPress.org flavor of Awesome

Download the WordPress.com flavor of Awesome

2 responses to “WordPress.com Gets Awesome”

  1. Kizi 1 Avatar

    very beautiful picture and the girl in the photo is also amazing, I like what you bring, thanks

  2. hawas2540 Avatar

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