Work-a-holic Pro 2.9.3 released

Work-a-holic Pro has been updated to work with latest WordPress versions. This theme used to pull attachments on posts automatically but the code is now conflicting with the new WordPress versions thus, this functionality has been discontinued. It has now been replaced by gallery tag. This means, you will now have to insert gallery in your posts to get the gallery slideshow.

This has few good sides to it. First, you can include/exclude images that you don’t want to show in the gallery by simply doing

[gallery exclude=745,283];

where 745,283 are attachment id’s separated by commas. This is good as previously, anything you upload on the post would show.

Second, you can control the repetitive images in a post. You can now insert images separately on the same post and also have a gallery in it. The only thing you will need to do is write up the above gallery tag with exclude parameter so your inserted image doesn’t appear in the slideshow.

The gallery will also exclude the featured image if you have one.

So, all the paid members, if you are looking for this functionality, feel free to go to your member dashboard and grab the latest versions of Modularity and Work-a-holic Pro.

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