How to Set a Featured Image

Featured images are an integral part of many themes. Often they can help determine a thumbnail for a featured post, or they can help represent posts that contain embedded video, but no other associated images. Now in the backend of WordPress, in the post editor, there’s an option in the bottom right to set a featured image. Click that, and then when prompted either upload an image from your computer, use a URL, or choose one from your media library. Now when you have your image chosen, instead of clicking “Insert into post” as you would normally, select the option just to the right, “use as featured image”. [screenshot below] Voila, now your post will have this image associated with it, whenever a thumbnail is needed.

6 responses to “How to Set a Featured Image”

  1. Mary Pitkin Avatar
    Mary Pitkin

    For SEO reasons.. images should have something in the “alt” field. Preferably a keyword.

    1. Graph Paper Press Avatar

      Yup! Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Irene Avatar

    I think the new version of WordPress doesn’t correspond with your screenshot anymore, because when I click on add featured image I don’t get any options. How do I prevent thumbnails from being distorted? Thanks for your help

  3. Korean Rooftop Avatar

    Is there a way to automatically put your featured image within the post as well? I changed themes and now my featured image doesn’t show up inside the post. (the chromatic theme)

  4. Fabien Q Avatar

    Hello GPP. I am trying to add the featured portraits pictures of the contributors, meaning “users” or authors, displayed into the contributor page of theme sell-photos. Couldn’t manage it.. Thanks for the answer..

  5. fbal Avatar

    on the theme snaps the code changes the thumbs to be 150×150 making it look really ugly can I fix this ?

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