11 Ways Professional Photographers Fail Online


Having a web presence is essential for any modern photographer to generate new business, showcase their portfolio and get their images seen by as many people as possible. However, it’s unfortunate that so many photographers are missing out on the potential of a great business website by getting some fundamental […]

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How to Build a Stock Photo Business With WordPress

Stock Photography

Selling your photography can be a great way to funnel your passion into a business. However, the web is awash in stock photography sites that curate photos from thousands of photographers. To stand out, you might be better off going your own way. And with the right tools—such as WordPress and Sell Media—you can […]

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7 Steps to Transition From Full-Time to Freelance

working freelance on mobile devices

If you’re the passionate creative type with an entrepreneurial streak, you might be feeling the pull of full-time freelancing. It’s a smart move when you look at the data on freelancers and the self-employed. As of May 2015, there were 15.5 million people in the U.S. classified as self-employed, according to the […]

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How to Protect Your Photography Online (4 Effective Methods)

protect photos online

In 2016, copyright infringement has progressed to the point where it has become socially acceptable for many to grab images and use them wherever people choose. Furthermore, Google image search, along with photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Flickr, have made it astonishingly easy to search for images of near-infinite variety. In order to protect photos online, in […]

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What All Freelancers Need to Know About Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels

You’re passionate about photography, writing, or digital design, and you believe your service provides value. However, you’re just not sure how to get the attention of your audience, where to find prospects, and how to turn those prospective customers into paying clients. It may seem daunting, but the process can be […]

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