Introducing Onesie, a free landing page theme for WordPress

Onesie Free WordPress Landing Page Theme

Onesie is a free WordPress theme for creating a responsive “landing page” website. If you’re looking for a simple way to build a website fast, with zero complexities, Onesie is a great option.

Onesie is very simple to use and setup and it takes just a few minutes to build a finished website. Onesie doesn’t show Posts or Pages. It doesn’t support custom menus, custom headers, sidebars or widgets. Onesie is powered by theme options and the custom background feature in WordPress.

Onesie Pro is the premium version of our free landing page theme Onesie. It offers the same pleasing landing page aesthetic but we’ve expanded its functionality to include blog posts, pages, portoflio entries and e-commerce integration through our Sell Media plugin. Onesie Pro also includes drag and drop organization that allows you to change the order of the sections on the front page without touching a single line of code. It is an out-of-the-box solution for everyone who craves a pleasantly simple portfolio that doesn’t distract and is easy to manage.

Four Sections

Onesie includes four sections:

  1. Intro – Add your logo, a custom welcome message and a custom “call to action” button.
  2. Portfolio – Add an infinite number of portfolio items on the theme options page.
  3. About – Add a little text that introduces you to your site visitors.
  4. Contact – Add your contact info.

Onesie WordPress theme

What’s Included

  • Custom Background image support.
  • Robust theme options page for adding content to the landing page.
  • Add infinite Portfolio entries on the theme options page.
  • Aside from the Intro section, all other sections are optional (portfolio, about, contact). This means you could just use it to show the site title, description and call to action button.

What’s Not Included

This is a one page landing page theme as mentioned in the description above. Thus, it doesn’t contain any templates for showing Posts or Pages. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a landing page theme after all, now would it? So here is what you cannot do with this theme:

  • You cannot show Posts or Pages
  • You cannot create Menus. The menu is automatically created for you based on the options that you will fill in on the Theme Options page.
  • You cannot create a Sidebar.
  • You cannot add Widgets.
  • You cannot add a custom header image (although you can insert a logo on the Theme Options page).

How Will You Use Onesie?

Do you plan on using Onesie for an upcoming project? If so, we’d love to see your sites in the comments below. And as always, your feedback is always welcome! Enjoy this free theme!

Onesie Pro is the premium version of our free landing page theme Onesie. It offers the same pleasing landing page aesthetic but we’ve expanded its functionality to include blog posts, pages, portoflio entries and e-commerce integration through our Sell Media plugin. Onesie Pro also includes drag and drop organization that allows you to change the order of the sections on the front page without touching a single line of code. It is an out-of-the-box solution for everyone who craves a pleasantly simple portfolio that doesn’t distract and is easy to manage.

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Thad is the founder of Theme.Works and Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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  • lisaleague

    Hi Thad,

    Looks interesting from the screenshots, but how do I view the demo on my iPad?

    The mobile previewer makes it impossible for those on real mobile devices to see the theme.

    • Graph Paper Press

      Ah, I’ll fix that demo previewer issue today! You can see the demo here too:

      • lisaleague

        I can see it now! Looks great! Should be a very popular theme.

        • Graph Paper Press

          Great! Thanks for confirming.

    • Graph Paper Press

      The theme demo should now detect the device you’re using and show you either the full demo or demo with device switcher:

  • Wayne

    Hi, when I go to the download button it goes here: which tried to sign me up for a $299 package. Where is the free part?

  • Wayne Saunders

    Hi, when I click on the download button it goes here: which is $299. Where is the free download?

  • Christopher Rundell

    Looks like an easy way to get a landing page up. I am also getting the $299 option only though I am logged in. Weird issue.

    • Graph Paper Press

      If you are already logged in, you can download it from your Dashboard:
      Since you already have an account, the registration page will only show the plans are available to you.

      • Christopher Rundell

        That was it! Thank you Thad.

  • dg5

    can you embed youtube videos in the portfolio section?

    • Graph Paper Press

      Not out of the box. But you could customize it to accomplish this.

  • ckunderd

    I am logged in and getting the same issue…

    • Graph Paper Press

      If you have and account and are logged in, you can download Onesie from the customer Dashboard:
      There is no need to register again :-)

  • Mike

    I bet Thad and the developers are sweating it right now! But I’m certainly intrigued by the free theme. I want it!

    • Graph Paper Press

      We’re soaked over here Mike! Please confirm you are able to download Onesie.

      • Martin

        I get the same errors – it’s like a loop. Super theme. I’m now contemplating the free-for-life option. Great work!

        • Martin

          Why not just publish a coupon code to give away the free theme?

        • Graph Paper Press

          Coupons are used for applying discounts on paid products. This is free and only requires a free account.

        • Graph Paper Press

          Glad you like it! You can download Onesie from your Dashboard after registering:

    • Mike

      ha! i got it. looks cool.

  • Eric S. Townsend

    I’d be interested in using this as a music website. What I’m seeing is a grid of thumbnails and song titles. Click on one and a music player shows and plays automatically. Close the music player and the grid populates again. Or, click on song title from grid and a larger window opens with a music player. Click play on that player to hear music. Close this window and the grid returns. First would be more elegant, of course. Would you be willing to modify this theme, or can it already work of the above two ways? You can email me at [email protected]. I’m a previous subscription customer of yours.

    • Graph Paper Press

      Glad you like the theme Eric! You will likely need to hire a developer to accomplish the desired “music player” changes that you mention above. It is definitely possible:

  • Amit

    nice theme! the large ‘download resume’ spills out of the column in mobile, you should potentially give it relative font size (em/rem) and white-space it to initial since long button name also spills out.

    so on .big-btn:
    font-size: 1em;
    white-space: initial;

    solves it.

    anyhow its very cool! thanks!

    • Graph Paper Press

      Thanks for the feedback Amit! A simple fix that we’ll send out with version 1.0.1 (tomorrow)

      • magoom

        this was my question. I haven’t tried this theme yet because I was worried about its appearance on mobile. the button seems to large. has it been fixed?
        was also wondering, and I saw some people were able to do this, if you could make a dark bar behind the nav because its difficult to read over the top of other elements.

  • masekarl

    how do i register for a free account to download it?

  • mgz47

    Looks brilliant!
    How does it work in SEO? Does Google index each project?


    • Graph Paper Press

      Google will index any keywords and content that you add on the homepage. Sprinkle some good keywords in the intro and about sections and Google will pick those up just fine. It will not index specific project pages, since technically they are all listed on the homepage.

      • mgz47

        Thanks for your explanation! But technically those specific project pages exist? I mean, to add new projects you have to create new pages or is something like a gallery?

        In the other hand, it would be possible to show a different url in the address bar to each project? Something like that:

        It would be great to send a link to someone showing a specific project.

        Thanks for your feedback!

  • Magic Number

    is there a similar more editable theme available?

  • Fabbbio

    Hi Thad, I’ve just used your Onesie theme for my website. I’m using it like a portfolio and not like a landing page. I like it because it was easy to setup. I added some CSS to change the text and the hyperlinks in black. I removed the background too, and used the button link for my Facebook profile:

    I hope you like it.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Monica Cruz

      hi fabbio, can you share the new template you used with black font? I’d like to use something similar for my site. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Thanks for the great theme.
    Im using it on my (soon to be finished) photography portfolio on

  • Özgur Bal

    Love the theme but have a slight problem. The thumbs are not displayed correctly and I followed the instructions.. I also regenerated them and tried uploading from scratch.. Any hints?

    • hollie

      Hi Ozgur, I noticed you fixed the problem – how did you do it? I’m getting the same issue plus the navigation at the top right isn’t showing up. Thanks in advance:

      • Özgur Bal

        Yeah, these guys don’t seem to have an answer for me so I got some help from a developer who cared enough to look through the source code and help me out. He discovered a piece of code that is wrong (as far as I understood – in the theme it self)

        Go to the theme’s index.php file and change the “large” part in this code to “thumbnail”.

        Like I said, I needed to get help from him so if this doesn’t help, i can’t help you further…

        • Fernando Callo

          How did you make not squared thumbnails? I’ve tried what you wrote here but my thumbnails are 150x150px :/

        • Özgur Bal

          Well, that part is actually provided by Graphpaperpress. You have to change the media sizes first.

          Go to Settings > Media

          Set the thumnails size to 600 wide by 400 tall and check the crop option so thumbnails are cropped to those exact dimensions.

          Set the medium size to 900 max width and set max height to 0 (no max height).

          Set the large size to 1600 max width and set max height to 0 (no max height).

          When you are done you need to regenerate thumbnails to get it to work. Use any plugin..

          More found here:

        • Fernando Callo

          Thanks man! It’s working.

        • ernaparalla

          Thanks all, this is great!

  • Mind Space

    Hi many thanks for the gift. We have used the theme here:

    Is there a way of changing the footer info, there doesn’t appear to be a footer section in the editor page.

    Best wishes and happy new year!

  • Jon

    Thanks for the great theme! I am using it as a wedding photography portfolio to hopefully “land” new clients.

    I didn’t want to caption my photos so I just removed the whitespace in the stylesheet when the images are untitled and uncaptioned. It would be nice for there not to be a white tab in those situations. Also, I would love for it to have built-in dedicated social media link buttons which I’m going to attempt to put in place of the single link button. For now, I’m using the single link button for my facebook page.

    • Julian


      May i ask how do you remove the whitespace in the stylesheet?

  • Ivan


    I have a problem…
    In portfolio – links to web page got mixed up?!?

    The link of second image in on first, on second image is correct link, on third also good, of fourth for the fifth….

    Help please?

  • Ivan Rajkovic

    wrong post… fault…great theme…

  • mrfrankyfamily

    I installed Onesie, but the preview gives me a white page and activating the theme gives me the same error: white page of death!

    • Guest


      • no

        What kind of person returns to say they solved their problem without posting the resolution!

  • Amy Knapp

    Hey Thad, I’m having a hard time editing the call to action button. Where do I do this?

    • Irene

      I’m having the same problem..

      • Fernando Callo

        Hey girls! Go to Appearance/Customize/Theme Options and add this on the custom CSS box:

        .btn-translucent { /*This is for the button in normal state*/ }
        .btn-translucent:hover { /*This is for when the mouse hovers the button*/ }
        .btn-translucent:visited { /*This is for when the button has been clicked*/ }
        .btn-translucent:active { /*This is for when the link is active*/ }

        Hope it helps :)

  • André Henriques

    I used it as a temporary website for my photography page. You can check it here
    I’m having trouble with the thumbnails, they don’t crop correctly, so I can only use pictures in landscape mode.
    Also I don’t know if there is a way to rearrange the order of the images without having to reupload them all again.

    • Graph Paper Press

      You can reorganize them by editing the gallery (click on the gallery icon in the post editor). Did you figure your thumbnail issue out? They look great to me.

      • Fernando Callo

        What about uploading more images? If I use the Portfolio tab in Theme Options, it deletes everything and I have to upload all the images again, I can’t add new images without losing the other ones.

        • evjuice

          This is driving me crazy! And to arrange the photos in an order you want to have them shown it seems you have to click on them in the order you want them on the page. It’s tough with 50 images!

      • André Henriques

        My workaround was to only upload landscape pictures :/ The portrait ones don’t crop

    • Øyvind Hyldmo

      How did you manage to get the button on the front page to scroll down to the gallery? I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while without getting anywhere. Any pointers would be great, thanks.

  • Sililiki

    Is it possible to show videos instead of pictures?

    • Graph Paper Press

      You can show videos on inside pages, but not the homepage (without customizing it at least)

      • Mike C

        Do you mean you can’t show videos instead of photos in the portfolio section?

  • wasifaliwasi

    This blog is very interesting .. i like it very much , i really enjoyed reading this.

  • Irene

    I installes the onesie theme. love it. but I cannot seme to get the menu/sections right. I dont see them anywhere. what am i doing wrong?

  • Heather Lee

    My menu section isn’t showing. I see I can’t create a custom menu, but I don’t even see the automatic one… help!

  • Ami Rail

    Is there a way to remove the top “page” (with the headline/message/button) and have the page start with the portfolio? Second question, is there a way to modify/remove the “Portfolio” text? Thanks for your help.

  • Amanda Michille

    Nice themes thanks for sharing :) get more themes from

  • Timo Schapendonk

    Can I change the order to about, portfolio, contact. instead of portfolio, about, contact?

  • Julia Seeliger

    I love the design and using it now on my personal website – but I feel that it makes the website a little bit slower. Can that be or is it just because of my bad internet connection?

  • Ian

    Loving the theme. Is it possible to instead of my header image linking back to the site to make it create an email message?

  • Jim

    Is this likely to end up as a theme? Please, please, please!

  • Rica

    Is there an easy way to make all image thumbnails the same size without distorting the image itself?

  • clinixworld

    nice and Ousm…. :)

  • Crille Vuorenmaa

    Really nice!

  • Sujit Yadav

    Thanks…for this nice info.

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  • Tim Friday

    Is there a way to set up separate pages but without a menu? So that the only way to bring up one of the other pages is if you have /address?

  • Hendrik

    Not compatible with wordpress 4?

  • Matt

    Hey I love the theme however, once activated I get the White Screen of Death. I cannot log in to admin to change anything and going to the site has a white screen as well. I uninstalled WordPress and installed fresh. Doing so solved the problem but I’d like to use this theme. I’ve had similar issues with a few other themes when doing a live preview so I never activated it.

    So, what’s the fix? Thanks

    • Graph Paper Press

      Upgrade WordPress and you should be good to go.

  • jonas

    Same over here, “White Screen of Death” :(
    Will there be a fix or should I search for other Themes?

    • Graph Paper Press

      Upgrade WordPress.

  • Toby Dorr

    I want to change the font color from white, which is too hard to read. Is this possible?

    • evjuice

      Yes this would be nice. Not all photos are dark.

  • Ernest Haka

    the free version is useless, can just change the text and put a logo, yay…

    • RealityCharging

      It’s free. What did you expect?

      • Ernest Haka

        maybe you should see the other comments, being free is not enough if there are so many bugs and difficulties to change anything

  • dipansh kapoor

    How can I install this theme on wordpress?

  • Cem Imer

    Great theme! How do I activate the menu on the top right. I can not see it.

  • Stefan Gisler

    Hi, is the free Version not available anymore?