Build Your Own Stock Media Empire using the Sell Media Plugin

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Do you want to build your own stock photography website where you keep all of the sales revenue? Do you want to protect your high resolution images from thieves? Do you want to monetize your blog?

Sell Media is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to sell, license and protect images, videos, audio files and PDF’s directly from your website. You can now run your entire business directly out of WordPress without the need for expensive and confusing third party systems.

And it’s free.

Why We Built Sell Media

About 10 months ago I opined my frustrations with the state of selling media online. If you are a photographer or creative professional looking to sell your images, video or audio online, you’ll likely share my sentiment. Many of the hosted solutions available today are expensive, confusing or bloated with features that cater to “edge cases” that 99.9% of people don’t need. Not to mention, you very likely maintain three or four different websites (blog, portfolio, e-commerce) just to run your business online. That’s insane!

We built the Sell Media plugin to make selling media that you upload into WordPress dead simple. You can create your own stock photography website, stock video website, sell audio files, PDF’s and other documents. Basically, if you can upload it into WordPress, you can sell it. Check out the video overview below.

Watch more video tutorials for Sell Media here.

Build Your Own Stock Media Empire

The Sell Media plugin is largely focused on solving issues facing creatives looking to sell their images, video, audio, etc. online. Here are some possible use cases for Sell Media:

  • Stock photography website – Create a stock photography website in a few clicks. Sell images that you upload into WordPress. Assign different license types (commercial, personal, etc) to increase the price of the image download. Sell reprints of images that you upload into WordPress. Our soon-to-be-released reprint extensions will automate print fulfillment or allow your to print and ship the image reprints yourself (self-fulfillment).
  • Stock video website – Sell stock video files that you upload into WordPress. Assign different license types (commercial, personal, etc) to increase the price of the video download.
  • Audio marketplace – Sell audio files directly from your website. You can Assign different license types (commercial, personal, etc) to increase the price of the audio download.
  • Document downloads – Sell file (pdf, doc) downloads in a few clicks.
  • All of the above – You can do it all using the Sell Media plugin.

Powerful Extensions

Extensions are essentially plugins that extend the functionality of the Sell Media plugin. Extensions will allow you to:

  • Sell photo reprints through a print vendor or by self-fulfillment
  • Watermark your image uploads
  • Integrate customer signups with newsletter lists (MailChimp)
  • Backup uploaded Sell Media items to Amazon S3
  • Process Credit Cards securely on your site with Stripe

If you have an extension idea, please let us know.

Lean and Mean

We’ve built Sell Media with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It integrates tightly into WordPress, which means you won’t have to learn a new system just to sell your media online. We’ve also tried to avoid “feature bloat” in Sell Media. The Pareto Principle was a guiding philosophy for deciding the features in Sell Media: 80% of the people will use 20% of the features. All other features will be built into “extensions” so we can keep the core plugin lean and mean.

What’s Next

We have a lot planned for Sell Media in the coming months. If you find a bug, please post it to the GitHub repository and we’ll look into it. If you have a feature request or an extension idea, please let us know!

Ready to Sell?

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Thad is the founder of Graph Paper Press. Previously, he produced online multimedia and documentary projects for USA Today including the inauguration of President Barack Obama and many others. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abby.

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175 thoughts on “Build Your Own Stock Media Empire using the Sell Media Plugin”

  1. I’m having a bit of a problem with this plugin. When I click on checkout the text changes to “Loading” then hangs forever. I have double checked my settings and everything seams to be in order. Any ideas of what could be going wrong?

    1. I’m also noticing that it is not saving any of my settings. Name, paypal e-mail address, page preferences…. I wonder if these problems are related, or if it has somehting to do with my blog.

  2. This looks fantastic! I have a concept in mind of building a site where you could sell entire sets of images, is this possible with Sell Media?

    1. Glad you like it Silvan! Your idea makes a lot of sense. Can you elaborate more on how you need this to work exactly? For example, would you upload a ZIP file of images and sell that? You could show a selection (or all) of the images for sale in the ZIP. Then buyers could purchase it as a “product”. Or do you merely want people to be able to purchase multiple images. Sell Media already supports this. Let me know more about how you plan on using it and we can explore any enhancements to the plugin that might be needed (if any).

  3. Genius idea. I look forward to using it. One question: why are you giving it away for free (if you don’t mind me asking). Do you have plans to monetize it later? (If, so that would be totally cool. I don’t expect you to work for nothing, and I would happily pay for a product like this if it works!)

    1. That’s a great question phototrope. The plugin took us about 10 months to make. It’s been a big project for us. Much bigger than any theme we’ve made by a long shot. We plan on monetizing it by selling “extensions” – things that make Sell Media REALLY awesome. Here is our current lineup of extensions:

      If you have ideas for extensions, please let us know in the comments here.

    1. Sell Media works with ANY WordPress theme, although we clearly haven’t test it in all themes. 🙂

      The good thing is, Sell Media comes with it’s own theme files that you can copy into your own theme and customize if you want.

  4. Possibly great – will check it out – meanwhile, here’s a heads up that you have a typo:

    “Do you want to protect your high resolution images from theives?”

    From ‘thieves’ as well?

  5. So excited! The “frustrations” post you referenced at the beginning of this prompted me to follow you on twitter those many months ago and Yay – the wait was rewarded! Stripe support, too!! I have been uncomfortable with the idea of immediate digital downloads – not because of security but because of effort. We have a boat-load of images, many of which very likely no one will ever buy. We intend to offer them in three or four sizes and the effort involved in generating (and tracking and paying to store) 4 versions of each of lots and lots of images is daunting. Since stock sales is new ground for my (mostly assignment-based) company, we decided a “deliver next business day” model was the safest in terms of cost, effort and risk. This past summer I arrived at a solution combining Zenphoto, Foxycart and Stripe but haven’t deployed it yet. I will be taking a VERY close look at Sell Media – the timing was great!

  6. Why doesnt your plugin allow to type or copy image file manually. Sometimes there is a problem to upload large size files through wordpress upload feature. In that case you could upload file directly into sell media folder and put a path of the file into item field.

    1. I don’t see where I can/should upload files into the sell media folder. Should I create a folder for this purpose wtihin the sell media plugin folder?

  7. Sounds like you are logged into your WordPress site as the admin and you are trying to purchase or do a test purchase. This won’t work, since you’re essentially trying to purchase from yourself. Try it out on another web browser or log out of your WordPress site.

  8. This is great, especially if it’s free (at least for now ;P) however serious artists probably will hesitate to use it, Why? no support! no guarantees, these are the main reason behind us paying for expensive script, no one want to open a shop and close it few months later, however the ability to run a blog personal website and a shop at the place is fantastic!

  9. Any ETA on when the self-fulfilled prints extension will be available? I’m just over-hauling my site, and this looks like a real possibility, but I mostly sell prints.

      1. This was my question too – good to know. Think I’ll skip the Zenfolio/Photoshelter route, get the digital downloads set up and then factor in the print side of things as released. Checked out Zenfolio and the interface is just … how should I put this … ugly.

        1. Please do let us know once you get things all set up. We’re very interested in making this the go to solution for selling images and reprints. The Self-fulfillment extension is just about ready. We’re aiming to release it late next week.

        2. Just going to wait until the conflict between GPP Slideshow “collections” and Sell Media “collections” are sorted out as well.

  10. Have you considered an extension that would restrict purchase downloads by resolution? Example: I would like to sell images for personal use dirt cheap and restrict the file size to something very small while, at the same time, offering the images for commercial/editorial use at higher prices and in resolutions suitable for those uses.

  11. extension idea… keyword cloud. Looks like a tag cloud but displays keywords associated with the sites sell media items and can be displayed near the search (or perhaps w/advanced search) to prompt users and give them a feel for the depth and variety of content. Just a thought…

  12. Is there a way to modify the permalink for the images I want to sell? It is following my default for blog posts which I have set custom as /blog/%postname%/.

    This makes the images I want to sell have a permalink of blog/items/image-name. This does not work because my images are not in a ‘blog” folder, so therefore the link breaks when you click on them. Any ideas on the best way to fix this is much appreciated.

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    1. To clarify, currently is possible to bypass the plugin by retrieving the thumbnail’s url and removing the appended pixel size. I’m wondering if I’m doing something incorrectly which is allowing the hot-linking.

    2. We protect only the high resolution (original) file uploaded. Preventing direct linking (aka hot linking) to all images from outside domains would need to be something you apply using an htaccess rewrite. This has negative consequences, too.

  13. Hi there, I have a similar problem to a person below, but the suggestion didn’t help. I have set everything up but when I test the purchase button the website hangs and I notice the purchase button links to products/# – im sure I am missing something simple, but just can’t figure it out. thanks in advance, love the pluggin otherwise!

  14. Downloaded the plugin and starting experimenting. Found that it interferes with connecting to Backup Buddy plugin registration. I disabled Sell Media, and was able to log in to my Backup Buddy account to register the site. Then activated your plugin and all seems fine. Thought you might like to know. This looks like a great plugin!

  15. Great plugin I missed for ages! Thanks for it on behalf of all photographers who like to sell online. I set it up, and met with a problem: When I clik on the ‘Cart’ the plugin drops to the page Checkout Page, and it says: “You have no items in your cart. Continue shopping.”

    I am not logged in, and I use the latest version both WP and the plugin. Do you have any idea what causes this problem?

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Sam, you would need to create you own template files if you want to change the dimensions/layout of the archive pages. We will be providing documentation on how to do this. Basically, all pages that your customers view Sell Media items on are 100% customizable. You just need to know a little WordPress code. We’ll be posting about this in the near future.

  16. So far your sell media plugin is awesome. I just bought the extensions and i am having issues with the water mark plugin. It blocks almost all image photos from my site. I do use a shared hosting but i have tried on the base hosting domain and still does the same. Also some things come to my mind for some extensions. Once a person is logged in they could tag there favorites, These favorites would be stored within the database under there username. As an administrator i could go in and see what they like then maybe be to some marketing to get them to buy. You have an extension that will eventually have working with amazon storage would be possible to do be able to include other storage sites going through ftp or even linking Flickr, smugmug, zenphoto. Again AWESOME PLUGIN!

  17. I am an industrial Designer and use your fullscreen theme for my portfolio site! It makes my product images look as if they where printed on a high quality catalog when clients visit my site. Its a great way to showcase my work, thanks! I realize that most of your themes are geared towards Photographers but just recently i began to create my own product line and would like to continue using your themes. Wondering if I can use the Sell Media plugin to sell product?

    1. Absolutely. You can sell images, illustrations, PDF’s, basically anything you upload into WordPress. It also supports ZIP files.

  18. hi! my idea is to bulk upload a spreadshit with all details including category names and keywords so save lots of time to edit each 1 seperate

    1. +1 (actually… +1,000)!

      This would be a terrific feature, not just in terms of saving time, but also for data consistency.
      It doesn’t even require building a spreadsheet first. The usual keyword import process is simply to generate a .txt file, one keyword per line, with tab indents to reflect nesting levels, [BRACKETED TERMS] to reflect non-keyword headings, and {curly brackets} for synonyms.

      Those of us who’ve already invested a lot of time and energy in customizing, applying and maintaining keyword lists like this can’t imagine doing it all over again by hand… one image at a time… especially when the image already has all that data embedded.

      And speaking of embedded keyword metadata…. it seems to me that the IDEAL (most efficient AND most reliable) way of getting keywords into Sell Media is to simply have the plugin read the metadata directly from the file on upload, check the keyword taxonomy to see if the tags already exist, create any that don’t, and automatically apply them.

      I maintain a strict structured keywords list in Photo Mechanic, do all my keywording there, and then import the images to Aperture for cataloging and editing. Because all the keyword metadata is embedded in the files, I don’t have to rebuild any of it when I import to Aperture or when I upload images to PhotoShelter. I LOVE the Sell Media concept (just started experimenting with it yesterday) and really hope there is a way to do this.

      1. Oh wow… I spoke too soon! It DOES automatically add embedded keywords as keyword tags – no need to add them yourself at all. I just downloaded Sell Media yesterday and spent most of today playing with it. Haven’t figured it out 100% yet, but so far I am REALLY loving what I’m seeing here. Thanks so much for this, Graph Paper Press!

        1. Yep! Glad you found that Sell Media supports EXIF data import (keywords, etc). It also generates archives for specific keywords, too :-). We’re on it!

    2. You can bulk upload in Sell Media (no need to create a spreadsheet) on the Add Bulk page. We import EXIF data from images on import, too. So just use your image editor to apply keywords, titles, etc and Sell Media will import it.

    1. When we release the Reprints extensions, you will be able to sell physical reprints (next week we are releasing it). Other than that, Sell Media is just for digital files, with a focus on images and other media.

      1. Any news on the Reprint extension? would love to be a tester for that one, seting up a new website at the moment.

  19. Hi there. I’m marking a collection as ‘Hide’. As far as I understood, it should remain accessible at its URL, but not show up in search/archive results. However, I’m getting the message ‘This Collection is Hidden’ when I go to the URL. Is it something I am doing wrong? Thanks.

    1. It happens automatically. There are no settings. If you do a bulk upload or upload a single item, Sell Media places the file in a directory that is NOT web accessible.

  20. Do you have a more exact date on when the self-fulfilled prints extension will become available? Currently still not sure how long to wait…looking at Photoshelter at the same time…

      1. Thanks. Just updated to the latest version. Am I missing something or is not included yet? Or do I have to completely re-install? Thanks – just can’t wait :-). Will also look at some of your great themes.

  21. I have installed Sell Media on my site, using one of your themes. However, it’s NOT protecting my images. I can right-click and save the image to my desktop. People aren’t going to buy if they can steal…

    Also, the Watermark extension breaks everything and keeps my images from showing up at all. Ideas?

    1. Sell Media protects the original, high resolution version from being downloaded. It’s not possible to protect the versions that are displayed on your website from being downloaded. If it did, those images wouldn’t be displayed on your site 🙂 This is why the Watermark extension exists: It obscures lower resolution versions, while still allowing the image to load on your site. Make sure you are using the most recent versions of both Sell Media and Watermark. We fixed a bug in earlier versions.

  22. I’m in the process of building my own stock photography website ( using your plugin. It’s a learning curve for sure, but am loving it so far.

    I do have a question about the system though. Is there a way of uploading a watermarked picture to show in the gallery, but sell a hi resolution un-watermarked image when they purchase? I know that I can disable right click on images, but there are some unscrupulous people out there who just screen grab the images and use them.

    If I can figure this out, this will be my go-to solution whenever I decide to sell images.

  23. Do you have a date of annoucement for self-fulfilled prints extension, thanks a lot i’m waiting for this
    best regards

  24. Hi
    It would be nice if you can post a link to a up and running website using your plugin so users can see how the plugin can be customized and run.

  25. Great work on this plugin! Is paypall the only checkout for this plugin? and does the plugin work with all themes?(mostly I use woothemes and themeforrest themes) thanks!

    1. Yes, it should work with other themes. Paypal is the only supported gateway currently. But we do have plans for Stripe integration sometime down the road.

  26. This is a excellent and much needed solution that I will use for my photography site. When working out a pricing policy for my images I would really like to have the opportunity to set a discount for volume purchases. For instance if someone want several images for a book or another project, a purchase of 10+ images would qualify for a X%-discount and 20+ images would qualify for a Y%-discount. This feature should be simple to calculate in the shopping cart (if it’s not a feature allready) before sending the total amount over to PayPal…

      1. Is it also possible to store previous customers/purchases so that repeat/volume customers can get an extra special treatment (added customer discount)? Based on items purchased in total or within a set time period (year). That would maybe require registration/login and may not be that simple to implement? There should be some way to track and reward repeat customers. What do you think?

  27. Can I limit the Photo Reprints plugin to just one page of my site? I want one page only for my prints sales.
    Thanks, Will

    1. You will be able to do this in version 1.4.3. We are changing the Photo Reprints extension so you can opt in and out on a per item basis. So then you could just create a new collection called “reprints” and make sure all those images have reprints enabled.

  28. Hi. Like the new Featured Items widgets, but am unsure as to how to set an image to be Featured. A quick how to here please.

  29. Is there a way by which users can add the particular photographer that did the picture, with the photographer name linked back to a page featuring all the other images featured by that photographer?

    1. Sell Media uses the “Creator” field in the image’s IPTC and creates archive pages for each creator. Sell Media (the current version 1.4.2) doesn’t show the “creator” UI anywhere, but it will in version 1.4.3. This means you will be able to easily add/edit any existing “Creators” that have been imported into WordPress from your images IPTC info.

      And yes, each creator then has his/her own archive page containing all of their images.

    1. If you have Sell Media installed on your WordPress site, you can sell photos, sell prints, blog and create a portfolio from 1 place. I believe PhotoShelter is only for selling photos and prints. They integrated with our themes so their users could have blogs.

  30. Yes!!!!! This is great. Is there a way to sell specific quantities – eg an exclusive (one-off) license to a product?

    1. Further to this… I am putting my licenses together and perhaps the license could have a separate option for exclusive/non-exclusive that would alter the pricing. Also a separate option for region – international or region/country based. This could add a certain percentage to the cost.

      Loving the plugin so far!

  31. Sell Media is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to sell, license and protect images, videos, audio files and PDF’s directly from your website. Thank i neet it

  32. Like the new theme Stock Photography which integrates nicely with Sell Media. Just a few quick questions. How do I choose which Items end up in the Featured Items widget? It is possible to choose which Items feature as the featured image on the home page with all the Collections?

  33. im using the photo reprints addon, but when the payment is sent, we have no way of knowing what the actual file is or item name, it shows something like Item/Product Number: 1c315200b7224151ba144475ecec49f0 we really need to know which product is being sent to the printer by name of the item

  34. Pictures of the boat reminds me of people in my hometown. they have a living to day in the same boat. thank you has shared for I know about that

  35. Hi
    I’m trying you sell media product that is exactly what I’m looking for with the reprint plug-in.
    I’m getting troubles to set it up!
    I’m using WP 3.5.1 and WMU
    I have uploaded photos, when I clic on the view button I get the following link :
    if I remove “blog/Photo/” I get just the image
    I have created a collection and added the collection to several images as you show on your video
    I get the following link and nothing beeing displayed!

    Can you help please!!!

  36. Hi I wonder if you can help. I have been setting up my site using the stock photography theme utilising the sell media plugin. Everything was working just fine until I decided to upgrade to the latest plugin. When you click on a specific collection on the homepage it takes you to the collection but does not display anything, Can you help please. An example can be seen here


    1. Paul, sorry I’m so late at answering you (didn’t realize the comments piling up). Go ahead and update to the most recent version. Any issues you have should be resolved.

  37. I have a question about picture uploads. Something I don’t understand. Should I be creating different sizes for each image if I want to sell small, medium and large? Do I need to have 3 separate files for each size?

    How does that work exactly?

    I uploaded a large size which is find for my testing, but I’m exposing the large size file when someone could simple right click and open picture in new window and get the large pic.

    I’m not sure how to handle this. Ideally (I think), I would show a good size image and let them buy it (small, medium or large) and the appropriate size file would be delivered.

    I’m not seeing how this is accomplished.

    Can you advise.


    PS. Congratulations because I think you are making a great product.

    1. that is what is was looking for if that can generate different size automatically.
      i had exact same issue. thanks.

        1. I can see that for all added pictures thumbnails of 50x50px are generated. But how can I get a uniformed picture size on front side or in collections? My pictures have all same width but different heights! Thsi is very annoying…

  38. I’m stumped by the new Price Group feature. I’m testing locally, so maybe that has something to do with it. I created a Price Group with 4 sizes, each with a different price. I assign that Price Group to an image but when I add an image to my cart, only the original size (and price) appears on the drop down menu. Are there any user guides available that demonstrate how to use this feature properly?

      1. Thanks! I’ll have a look at what has changed since my preliminary tests. I really appreciate that you’re attending to a 5-month old comment!

  39. Is it possible to choose which Items feature as the featured image on the home page with all the Collections?

    1. Yes! We released an update to Sell Media a while ago that added that feature. When adding a collection, there is now a place to set the Featured Image for that Collection.

  40. We fixed that bug immediately after releasing 3.7.0. I think we already spoke with you about this, though, so you should be all set!

  41. Hi, I really like the video overview of the theme “stock photography” with the SellMedia plugin. I want to use this to distribute images and PDF files to my customers.

    But, I want to do this with no cost for the downloads. Can I simply place the cost on zero? If so then I am going to buy your theme. Regards,

    1. There’s an options on the Sell Media -> Settings page where you can change the number of columns from 1-5 or even set it to a masonry layout 🙂

  42. I´m happy to see the Discount Codes extension. It´s a great feature. However, when suggesting discounts some time ago I was hoping for the option to have volume discounts. For instance, if you select X items or exceeds Y amount, the customer will get a Z% or a Z amount discount. Also It would be appreciated if certain customers/users could get a X% discount on all further purchases.
    Regarding the discount codes, it would also be a great feature if they can get a percentage discount for social (FB og G+) shares…

  43. Can anyone suggest a straightforward user-friendly and well-supported theme for the portfolio/stockphoto site from personal experience?

    And secondly – I remember reading some complaints that Sell Media requires customer registration – or am I wrong? Is there an option for quick sales – pay and go type of transactions? I would trade abandoned cart for flash sale.

  44. It’s good but it needs some way of arranging collections into some kind of a hierarchical order. Without this, the plugin is pretty much useless for anyone with multiple galleries.

    I’d gladly pay for the feature as it’s the only thing that’s missing to allow me to ditch Zenfolio and set up on my existing site.

    Make it so!

    1. Stripped Pixel collections are hierarchical in Sell Media and individual items can be ordered by various things (date, name). Please see the screenshot below for more help. That said, we’ll be improving the sorting options for displaying collections very soon.

  45. Is it possible to sell an entire collection at a set price? i.e. offer a discount if the entire collection is purchased (working with the prints plugin too would be good), If not may I suggest it for a future release?

    1. Sorry, couple more questions… is it possible to upload a completely different image for displaying on the site (i.e. the image displayed on the product page would be different to the product that is downloaded), and if so, is there a way of doing this in bulk add mode?

      1. Yes, you can simply set a Featured Image for each item. The Featured Image overrides the source file as the image that shows up on the front end of the site. Buyers still receive the original product source file. There isn’t a way to assign featured images in bulk, though.

    2. If you want to sell a “bundle” of photos as 1 product, just ZIP up all the images into 1 folder and sell the ZIP.

  46. Is it possible to add other photographers to the stock photo website, so they are set up with their own account and can also showcase their photos? Is there a plugin for that? Or is it strictly laid out for 1 photographers work to be shown?

  47. photographers to create stock photo websites eggs so we should set up their own accounts to introduce her to everyone we know or rather should be created to promote his image anhrcuar

  48. i used this plugin .and using watermark plugin .so when i upload image then watermark add on image .but i want to a original image will have not use watermark and save in folder .when i purchase image then should be come original image not watermark image .and second think i want to download link after parchasing image ,is this possible

  49. Is it possible not showing the image when using the Buy Button Shortcode ? I’m already showing that image in my blog posts, and when I would like to use the Buy button than the image shows again.

  50. I have changed to my currency but how do I remove the dollar sign after Total: when I click on the purchase button.

  51. I don’t know, the only thing that holds me back since weeks is that I don’t see any way on how to store at least the original, un-watermarked images on a cloud server rather than on the own VPS or whatever it is, as it goes rapidly into the 100s of GBs..

    so rather than an Backup for uploaded Sell Media items to Amazon S3 it should be go directly there for the files on sale…much better yet to ANY cloud hosting solution out there, as amazon is nowadays in the pricier ones

    so, extension idea would be definitely a “gateway” for a cloud storage, you fill out a form if it is dropbox or amazon s3 or xyz where you want your images stored to

    am sure that ppl would pay for it as it would be a money saver in the long run

  52. Hello,

    I saw this Q&A and have a followup question:

    [snip]Is it possible to add other photographers to the stock photo website, so they are set up with their own account and can also showcase their photos? Is there a plugin for that? Or is it strictly laid out for 1 photographers work to be shown?3

    Graph Paper Press Mod PJ • a month ago

    Yes, you simply create them as Editors in WP, allow theme to upload items to Sell Media, and then assign them sales commissions using the Commissions extension:


    Is it then possible to have a “pending approval” option? i.e. once a photographer uploads, an administrator has to approve it before it goes live?


    1. Sorry, it wasn’t built for that specific use case. But you could easily hire a developer to build an extension that could accomplish that.

  53. I have just installed this plugin and done a live sale purchasing two different sizes of the same image but the links on the email just download the large file only?

  54. Hello
    I have a small problem with the extension Magnifier, it doesn’t work properly ONLY when the extension Watermark is active. I don’t know how to solve this problem, and i’d like to ask you for help, please. I use Sell Media with all extensions and theme Stock Photography, everything else is working perfectly so far. Thanks
    You can see what exactly is the problem on the photo.

  55. Hi Thad,

    Just recently updated my sell media plugin and it’s really screwed up my site: in particular the thumbnail opacity overlay on the main page: and then also the buy page was very badly affected:

    Also noticed the Lightbox shows two items both as 0 0 (at the top of the page).

    Before updating, the site and functionality was working perfectly.

    Can we work on fixing this for me?


  56. Your pop up on the site that asks for email address must have white font, so it doesn’t actually appear when you type it. 😉 Just a tip.

  57. Hi i just installed the Sell Media plugin for my site and so far it has been easy to use and set up. However; now that I have my photos available for sale on my site, I did a test purchase and was able to make a payment, but when I was redirected to my site from paypal there was no download link or image available. Also the email that was supposed to contain the download link didn’t get sent to the email that I purchased the photo from. Can you possibly give me some insight about what I might have done wrong during this whole process? Thanks

    1. No, S3 is not required. It’s just an optional extension. It might be useful if you are hosting/selling large files.

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