An extension for Sell Media Access Control

Grant free access to specific products or product galleries to either all site visitors or only clients with valid passwords.

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Client Proofing WordPress

The Access Control extension for Sell Media allows you to assign free access to specific products or product galleries. Free access can be granted to either everyone or clients with valid passwords.

Use Cases

1. Client Photo Proofing

Need to give you clients access to download your photographs? Simply upload an image or a gallery of images and password protect the post. When your clients access the post with a valid password, they’ll be able to immediately download the original file and bypass the checkout process entirely. This client photo proofing WordPress solution is fast and simple for both you and your clients.

2. Free Downloads

Offer free downloads in your store to help drive traffic and sales. You can grant free access to either everyone or limit it to users with a valid password.

3. Exclusive Content For Subscribers

Offer free exclusive content to your email subscribers by sending them the password to your free product or product gallery.

Live Example

Use the password “NYC” (without the quotes) to access the following product gallery and download the original files: View live example.




Plugin released on May 30th, 2015