An extension for Sell Media Stripe

Accept credit card purchases directly on your site from buyers world-wide.

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The Stripe payment gateway extension for our Sell Media plugin allows you to accept credit card purchases from buyers world-wide. Buyers will not leave your site to process their credit card purchase, which is shown to help increase conversion rates and ultimately, increase sales.

Main Benefits

  • Anyone with a credit card can buy from you. No Paypal account required.
  • Look professional by accepting credit card purchases directly on your site.
  • Increase sales by simplifying the checkout process.
  • Grow a healthy business with advanced analytics and financial reporting.
  • Incredibly easy to implement. Test your first transaction within minutes.

Compare the User Experience


  1. Re-direct customers to PayPal’s website, away from yours
  2. Customer enters credit card details or logs into Paypal account
  3. Customer confirms they want to allow company to bill them
  4. Customer is redirected back to your site
  5. Customer gets what they paid for


  1. Customer enters credit card details
  2. Customer gets what they paid for



  1. You must have a free Stripe account. After signing up, you will need to obtain four keys (two for testing mode, two for live mode) on your settings page and paste them into your Sell Media -> Settings -> Payment page.
  2. You will need an SSL certificate, which Stripe requires to process live payments. Read Stripe’s documentation about this.

Plugin released on May 12th, 2015