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How to Sell Stock Photo Subscriptions

What if you could sell monthly and yearly subscription plans to your own independent stock photo library? Starting today, you can!

Sell Stock Photo Subscriptions

The Subscription Extension for Sell Media is an enterprise-level tool that works alongside our free Sell Media plugin. You can now create and customize yearly and monthly subscription plans that your customers subscribe to for accessing file downloads.

Think of it like your own private iStockPhotos website where you set all prices and keep 100% of all sales revenue.

It’s a super-powerful addition to your WordPress site that will change the way that you sell photos and videos online. You can download this extension today by signing up for our Professional Plan.

The Benefits of Selling Subscription Plans

Offering subscription plans turns a one-time product sale into a recurring sale. The more photos and video you add, the more valuable your service is to your customers. The key benefits of selling subscription plans include:

  • Provides your customers with greater value.
  • Builds brand loyalty.
  • Increases revenue.

So, how does it all work? Let’s take a deeper look…

How It Works: The Buying Experience

When a buyer visits your stock website, they’ll have the option to choose a plan to download your images. You can choose to continue selling single media files alongside subscription plans, or you can choose to only sell subscription plans. The screenshot below shows how the Quick View popup looks in Sell Media if you’re only selling subscription plans.

Subscription Plans

Clicking the “Choose a plan” button redirects users to your Plans and Pricing page. Buyers can toggle between monthly or yearly payment options. As a seller, you can customize from one to five different plans for each of the monthly and yearly subscription billing cycles.

Sell Media Subscription Plans 2You can set your own prices and download limits for these plans. After choosing a payment option, your customers will be redirected to your registration page where they can add their details and pay. The screenshot below shows how the subscription extension integrates with our Stripe payment gateway option.

Subscription Payment with Stripe Integration

You’ll get paid monthly or yearly until your customer cancels their plan.

How It Works: The Selling Experience

Store owners have the ability to configure up to 5 monthly plans and 5 yearly plans. Each plan contains a download limit and a price, as shown below in the screenshot:

Subscription settings

Unlike agency sites, using our new extension enables you to set your own pricing and download terms. Best of all, you keep 100% of all sales.

How It Works: Email Notifications

Store owners can configure up to 4 different outgoing email notifications sent to their buyers including:

  1. Activation Email – Sent to customers when their account becomes active.
  2. Expiration Email – Sent to customers when their subscription expires. This is an opportunity to reengaged customers by offering a discount for rejoining.
  3. Download Limit Reached – Sent to customers when they reach their monthly or yearly download limit. This is an up-sell opportunity to entice customers to change to a higher plan.
  4. Cancellation Email – Sent to customers when either they cancel their subscription or billing fails. It might be a good idea to offer a discount in this email to get customers back.

You control all messaging sent from your store on the Sell Media -> Subscription ->Email Settings page.

Video Tutorial

Plugin Compatibility

The subscription extension integrates with these popular extensions, all of which are included in our Professional Plan:

  • Discount Codes – Create unlimited discount codes for your store.
  • Stripe – Accept credit cards on your website.
  • S3 – Offload your media uploads to the Amazon S3 cloud.
  • MailChimp – Integrate your customer emails with your MailChimp email campaigns.

Because of the unique business logic behind selling subscriptions, it should not be used in conjunction with the Reprints and Commissions extensions.

Here are Some Other Reasons to Get Excited

  1. Works with any WordPress theme.
  2. Easy setup.
  3. Customizable emails.
  4. Total freedom with plan pricing.
  5. Easy for your customers to use.

Creating your own stock photo site with all of these features and this enterprise-level functionality is a great solution for anyone looking to build their own independent stock business. You can learn more about this exciting new extension by visiting the dedicated Subscription plugin landing page. This plugin is available to all Professional or Lifetime Plan subscribers.

Turn your creative passion into a subscription business! Sign up today to start building your business.

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