Sell Media Add Bulk

Add Bulk

Upload multiple single products at once and assign collections, licenses and other price settings in one click.

Sell Media Access Control

Client Proofing WordPress

Grant free access to specific products or product galleries to either all site visitors or only clients with valid passwords.

Sell Media Model Release

Model Release

Quickly attach a model release document to your images or videos for safe keeping, future reference and most importantly, legal protection.

Sell Media S3

Amazon S3 settings page.

A secure, durable and highly-scalable cloud storage solution for your precious file uploads.

Sell Media Magnifier


Add a “magnifying glass” over images, allowing buyers to inspect the image closer for sharpness.

Sell Media Stripe


Accept credit card purchases directly on your site from buyers world-wide.

GPP Shortcodes


Easily add “flat design” buttons, boxes, icons, pricing tables, tabs, toggles and column layouts.

GPP Plugin Updates


Keep your Graph Paper Press plugins and extensions up-to-date by installing and activating the GPP Plugin Updates plugin. This plugin integrates into the core WordPress plugin update feature.

Sell Media


Sell Media is an easy to use e-commerce plugin for creatives looking to license their work, sell prints and offer digital downloads.

GPP Category Slider


The GPP Category Slider plugin adds a new widget for creating a category slider in the homepage. This plugin works great with Base and child themes and is particularly well-suited for use in Focal Point. Once activated, the category slider option appears under Appearance -> Widgets area where you can […]

GPP Improve Image Quality


This plugin doesn’t contain any settings.  Simply upload it into your wp-content/plugins/ folder and activate it from your Plugins page in WordPress to improve your image qualtiy from 60% to 100%.  Please note:  You will be sacrificing speed for improved image quality.

GPP Slideshow


The GPP Slideshow plugin for WordPress allows you to create minimalist image slideshows using the new Gallery post type or using WordPress’ built in gallery shortcode on Posts and Pages. The plugin comes with a Widget for easily inserting a specific gallery into any widgetized are on your theme. This […]

GPP About You Widget


Overview The GPP About You Widget is a plugin for WordPress that adds a widget for easily creating an about you section to any widgetized region in your theme.  On the widget page, you can add your name, your photo, a brief bio, an email address, a phone number and […]

GPP Testimonials Widget


Overview GPP Testimonials Widget is a plugin for WordPress for creating attention-grabbing customer testimonials.  You can use shortcode to add testimonials to Posts and Pages or you can add testimonials using widgets. Frequently Asked Questions This Widget doesn’t fit in my sidebar or footer widget. How do I change that? […]

GPP Welcome Message Widget


Overview The GPP Welcome Message Widget is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a large welcome message in any widgetized region of your theme.  Use this plugin in conjunction with our Base theme framework and the GPP Base Hook Widgets plugin to add welcome messages in virtually […]

GPP Base Hook Widgets


We created this plugin so users could utilize the various action hooks in the Base theme framework, without writing any PHP code at all.  Simply install the Base theme framework and this Base Hook Widgets plugin and you will have 13 areas where you can add widgets.  (A widget is […]

PhotoShelter Official Plugin


Developed by our partner, PhotoShelter, this plugin allows you to add images and slideshows from your PhotoShelter account to any single WordPress post – all without leaving your WP interface. Just click on the PhotoShelter icon in your post menu, and you may browse your public PhotoShelter content to select […]

PhotoShelter Gallery Widget


The PhotoShelter Gallery Widget is a plugin for WordPress that allows photographers who have a PhotoShelter account to easily display the latest photo or photos from any number of their public PhotoShelter galleries on the sidebar of their WordPress blog, portfolio or other site. PhotoShelter is web application that many […]

PhotoShelter Search Widget


If you have a PhotoShelter account, use this handy little plugin to add a new widget called “PhotoShelter Search” to your Appearance -> Widgets page in WordPress. Drag this widget to any widgetized region on your site and your site visitors can search your photos hosted at PhotoShelter directly from […]